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Darrell W. Bryant Jr., better known by his stage name Mr. Deuce, has been writing poetry since elementary. It was not until high school that his brother took notice of his talent and suggested he turn his skills into song lyrics. From there on out, he spent all of his free time writing music. It was also during this time that he was given the nickname Deuce. Though his lyrics had evolved through the years, he never wanted to record his music until he felt he was ready. That time came in February 2009, when Deuce along with his brother released their first mixtape, Victoria’s Secret Is Out Vol. 1. Though the mixtape had a good reception, Deuce felt his music could be better and worked hard to advance the quality of his work. That summer, Deuce released his first single, “Uncle Willie Son.” This marked the first time he recorded a track to an original beat. The song became a hit, capturing the attention of other underground artists and producers around town. Hot off the success of his first single, Deuce released his second mixtape in November, Throwed Status Vol. 1. By now, many people had taken notice and wanted to collaborate with him. This would be the perfect way to display his diverse rapping skills. In May 2010, Throwed Status Vol. 2 was released. The mixtape featured artists who would later go on to represent his music label, So Throwed Entertainment. With the guidance of Mz. Fiya, CEO of Fiyaworks Entertainment, Deuce changed his stage name to Mr. Deuce in an effort to distance himself from other acts with the same name. Recently Mr. Deuce debuted his newest single “Throw It” on digital radio. With three notable mixtapes under his belt, Mr. Deuce was now collaborating with artists worldwide. Currently, he has a solo album in production.

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