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WWW.FUTURESTARMUSIC.COMSo it turns out a lot of our industry friends and associates thought we were just an Email Blast company and didn’t realize we offer MANY other services and we are a FULL SERVICE ENTERTAINMENT BRAND. We’ve outlined some of our other services below to help give you a clear description and help raise the awareness of some of the other incredible and effective services we provide here at FUTURE STAR.***All artists, managers, DJ’s and record labels should read through this thoroughly***EMAIL BLASTSGet your music blasted out to over 100,000 DJ’s, Radio PD’s & MD’s, Label Execs, A&R’s, Media, Blogs, Publications, Promoters, Artists, Producers, Managers and everybody else involved with the music business. FUTURE STAR is known throughout the entire industry for our digital blasts and mp3 servicing. Our credentials speak for themself and we are the ONLY email blast company that will GUARANTEE results! We invented the email blast game and have proven to maintain the largest list and the most effective service in existance since 2006. Don’t fall for the imitators. We have over 100K REAL CONTACTS and can prove it!AUDIO VISUAL PRESENTATIONS (AVP’S)FUTURE STAR introduced the entertainment world to AVP’s a few years ago. AVP’s are proven to be the most effective method of introducing a new single to radio or a new album to your consumers. Everything is turning digital, or already has, which makes the internet both the present and the future. DJ’s and Radio PD’s love the presentation that the AVP’s offer them. A complete visual of the artist, all the information on the record, along with all available formats of the audio. Your consumers love the AVP’s as well because they are an interactive digital tool to build the anticipation of a release. You can let your fans preview through the album, give them free wallpapers and AIM icons, ringtone information and much more! We have provided examples of AVP’s that we have designed for both SINGLES and ALBUMS below for your references. Take a minute to enjoy them!AVP EXAMPLES FOR ALBUMSSpice 1 – Buck – – Mobb – DMX – Kia Shine –
AVP EXAMPLES FOR SINGLESDoll Phace – – – – – – – Ball – Of Da Map – – – Boyz – & DIGITAL MEDIA MARKETINGBy now we all know the power of the internet and the digital age we live in. FUTURE STAR branded itself in early 2006 as the “go to” company for internet marketing and for raising digital awareness within the music and entertainment world. We develop strategic marketing campaigns designed to focus on the Record Pools, DJ’s, Media, Websites, Blogs, Social Networks and other Digital Outlets. These marketing plans are developed to raise the awareness and create the demand for a new single or to build hype and anticipation for an album or mixtape release. We do the legwork for you online which then translates to the streets and to radio because the momentum is already there. We have the internet and digital world on smash and nobody can work it as effectively as us!TWITTER FOLLOWERSWe all know the importance of image in the music business and having a strong online presence. Often it is how you are judged and how labels and industry tastemakers determine your “buzz” or fanbase. FUTURE STAR can build your value with our Twitter service. We are able to offer Twitter followers to your account. You don’t have to follow anybody back and we don’t even need your password or access to your account. We can do as little or as many followers as you’d like! Let us set your page on fire and get you noticed today. This service is extremely popular right now. All clients are confidential. FACEBOOK FAN PAGE LIKESIf you are an artist, company or brand that is looking to increase your social network image and buzz then Facebook is a great place to accomplish this. FUTURE STAR is able to sky rocket your statistics by providing you with Facebook “likes” on your fan pages! This is crucial for artists wanting to create hype and really have a strong online buzz. Remember, everything in the entertainment industry is about image and the way others portray you. If you appear to be a superstar, you will get treated as a superstar! Let us build up your Facebook presence today! Very popular service. All clients are confidential.YOUTUBE SERVICESYouTube has become a necessity in todays times when promoting yourself. Whether you are uploading a new music video or any type of promotional video to YouTube, you still need to generate traffic which is better known as “views”. These views are what create the viral buzz and superstar image you have been looking for. Hire FUTURE STAR today to increase the views on your YouTube videos. We can also provide channel views, channel subscribers, video likes, video favorites and even video comments! We offer many different packages depending on your needs and budget. We have done this service for many artists and celebrities with great success. Many became featured videos and received YouTube awards on their channels! All clients are kept 100% confidential.

CONSULTING / A&RHave your budgets in place but not sure what your next move should be? Getting ready to get into the studio to create that masterpiece but not sure what direction to go? Thinking about signing a new artist but not certain the timing is right within the business? Need to be paired with the right features, producers, songwriters or engineers for the album? These are just a few prime examples of the problems both independent and major labels and artists are faced with daily. Hire us to A&R your project or consult your label and ensure you proper guidance and direction. With over six years experience working records, working hand in hand with every single major recording company and doing both digital and retail promotions, you can be confident and sure you have the right team on board. FUTURE STAR knows what works! We have an impressive resume thus far and are always looking to add to it.WEB DESIGNFUTURE STAR also maintains a reputation in both the entertainment and corporate worlds for its superior web design and e-commerce structures. We have done many styles of websites including Major Network Television Shows, Record Labels, Recording Artists, Luxury Car Dealerships, Clothing Companies, Real Estate Companies, Digital Magazines and much more. Our group of creative designers, artistic designers, experienced programmers, flash animators, and 3D animators are amongst the best in the industry. Therefore, we are able to take projects of any level of complexity and deliver world class customer service. We have an extensive portfolio and resume which can be provided upon request. Please contact us for examples today as we would love to show you the quality of work we provide!BOOKINGSIf you are interested in booking a specific artist, actor, comedian or model for a particular event or venue then you have found the right place. FUTURE STAR has access to pretty much anybody you can possibly need within the entertainment world. We encourage you to contact us today with your requests. Please be certain to include the performers name you are interested in, date of the event or venue, capacity of the venue, location of the venue and an offer amount. Also include what type of booking this will be such as a club date, event hosting, birthday party, concert, business or social function, etc. We also book artists and producers as features on your records and projects. If you are looking to work with a specific producer or get a certain feature on a song, let us know today!RECORD COMPANY & MANAGEMENTFUTURE STAR MUSIC and FUTURE STAR MANAGEMENT are always keeping our eyes and ears open for talent. Please send no more than (2) records along with a photo to for review. Major Artists that are unhappy with their current situations are encouraged to reach out as well. Stop having a friend represent your career and let us get you the attention, opportunities and money you deserve! You will be contacted if we hear something that we have interest in. There is no need to follow up otherwise. Thank you and we look forward to making history together. All inquiries are to be kept 100% confidential.FUTURE STAR DJ’SSince early 2006 we’ve also had the Future Star DJ’s coalition. We quickly established ourselves as one of the hardest working and artist driven DJ crews in the game. Currently we are just over 110 DJ’s strong with a consistent flow of new interest. We firmly believe in quality over quantity and that’s why you don’t see us with 500+ DJ’s like some other crews. We only want those who are willing to make a difference and ACTUALLY work these records! We often do Future Star DJ’s conference calls with artists and music executives as well. Contact us today if you would like to set up a Future Star DJ’s campaign for your project.CONTACT US FOR PRICE QUOTES, INQUIRIES AND QUESTIONS ON ANY OF THESE SERVICES TODAY BY REPLYING TO THIS EMAIL!!!WWW.FUTURESTARMUSIC.COM Follow the CEO of FUTURE STAR™ on Twitter –


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