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3rd Flo, formed by artists, D-Ray (Delray Fuller), CAP (Wayne Clendenin), and D-Nell (Donnell Johnson) in 2006 is a charismatic hip-hop act at the upper echelon of hip-hop performers throughout the country. The dynamic trio, raised in Metro Atlanta initially made their debut at Albany State University as the acclaimed “Heizman Boyz”. Their smash hit “Do the Heizman” gained national attention, registering 2.7 million hits on Myspace, and over 3.1 million views on Youtube. 3rd Flo’s fan base has continued to grow over the years as they increase their visibility through local and national performances, Internet and radio appearances, and participating in a myriad of charity events.

3rd Flo’s drive, initiative, work ethic, and tenacity to perfect every facet of their craft separates them from other performers. Their live performances set them apart from the rest with their high energy and their refusal to just be “ordinary” mentality. This remarkable trio has proven they are no stranger to the game, paving the way as the first group to ever receive a major deal from YouTube. With their music crossing all genres, demographics, ethnicities and age barriers, 3rd Flo is indeed in a class of their own and their talent unmatched in today’s market.

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Download 3rd Flo – Wide Open Clean mp3
Download 3rd Flo – Wide Open Dirty mp3
Download 3rd Flo – Wide Open Instrumental mp3
Download 3rd Flo – Wide Open Acapella Clean mp3
Download 3rd Flo – Wide Open Acapella Dirty mp3

Contact: (404) 578-8432 / dray404@gmail.com / Angela McMillion / (404) 409-9057 / angelamillion@gmail.com


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