@bookingagency George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic


“George put on another great show at Mohegan. Our guests really had a great time and enjoyed the experience.” – Joseph Soper, Mohegan Sun



“George Clinton and P-Funk’s opening concert for this year’s 17th annual Brooklyn Academy of Music R&B Festival drew one of our best crowds and was one of the best shows we have ever presented!” – Danny Kapilian, BAM R&B Festival producer since 1995


“George Clinton at the Hague Jazz, was fantastic!! It was the finale of the Hague jazz show of this year and everybody went home with a wonderful feeling.” – Ruud Wijkniet, The Hague Jazz

Routed Avails

Available for domestic and international dates.

Isolated dates also available
9/2 – Raleigh, NC
9/3 – Atlanta, GA
9/4 – Laramie, WY
9/5 – Royal Oak, MI
9/7 – Queens, NY
9/9 – Baton Rouge, LA
9/10 – Oklahoma City, OK
9/13 – Knoxville, TN
9/16 – Denver, CO
9/30 – Hammond, IN
10/1 – Grand Rapids, MI
10/8 – Mohawk, NY
10/28 – Las Vegas, NV
11/9 – Charlotte, NC
11/12 – Jacksonville, FL
11/17 – Athens, GA
11/19 – Hampton, VA
11/25 – Tilburg, Netherlands
11/26 – Brussells, Belgium
12/30 – Lake County, FL
2/4/2012 – Chicago, IL
2/18/2012 – Detroit, MI
3/23/2012 – Las Vegas, NV
3/24/2012 – Los Angeles, CA


The Hit List


George Clinton – Czech Republic – 06/22/11


George Clinton on Late Late Show w/Craig Ferguson


The king of funk gets his own episode of Unsung



George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic

Think of George Clinton and you’ll likely conjure an image of a crazy black man with rainbow dreads and garb befitting a galactic shaman literally barking at phat bottomed girls with a sub-atomic … [read more]

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