Digital Waxx 2.0 | The Chestnut Brothers | The People

Artist(s): The Chestnut Brothers
Title: The People
Producer(s): Al & Ty Chestnut, Paul Wickliffe (Crystal Pyramid/Skyline Productions)
Time: 4:34
Label: AE Music Group, LLC
Album: Retro Soul
Available Versions:
  • The Chestnut Brothers – The People (Clean)
  • The People (”Skaters Remix”) (Clean)
  • The People (”Skaters Remix”) (Instrumental)
  • The Chestnut Brothers – What’s Goin’ On? (Clean)
What’s Goin’ On (Produced by Al & Ty Chestnut, Slamm for Crystal Pyramid/Phi Psi Productions). Time – 4:29pm.
Label Contact Information:
Abdul Chestnut
Phone: 678.749.5761

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