New Music Submission (Sonnie Seegz – Trying To Do Right)

What do you call a caged beast that has just escaped? You call him Sonnie Seegz. In the rap game Seegz is considered an artist because of the way he vividly paints portraits with his lyrics but he’s also known as a demolition man for the way he delivers those same lyrics.

Sonnie Seegz breathes fire on his announcement track “Trying To Do Right.” Listening to Seegz deliver this song is like watching a heavyweight boxing match waiting for that perfect knockout punch that you know is coming at any minute.

With his label mates, rap phenom K.I. and producer extraordinaire DJ Invizible, Seegz solidifies Music Unlimited International as one of the hottest independent entertainment companies coming down the line.

When it comes to Sonnie Seegz you are guaranteed to get a work ethic that some only dream of. Known for recording numerous songs per recording session Seegz has an extensive catalog of material for everyone to enjoy for a long time to come.


Sonnie Seegz – Trying To Do Right (clean) – ListenDownload

Sonnie Seegz – Trying To Do Right (dirty) – ListenDownload

Sonnie Seegz – Trying To Do Right (instr) – ListenDownload

Contact: A.V. Hodge

Label: Music Unlimited Records


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