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Mellothrives on attention, positive or negative. The sounds of compliments from supporters or the disdain from haters drivesMelloto be the next big star fromChicagoto represent GMG.He got his start in music at young age. “It was fun, more like a hobby… I use to listen to a lot of people and write raps as if I was them. I got hooked into it.” Out of this hobby, his talent would develop, people would begin to take notice and ignite his passion for rapping. “The people I was surrounded by was like ‘Damn, you can rap’, so eventually it started getting serious. It started to get addictive.”Mello’s uncle, a member of Twista’sLegit Ballerscrew, knew Twista personally and would invite the rapper over to his house. It was there thatMellogot to showcase his skills to Twista.A few years later, one ofMello’s joints played at a strip club where Twista’smanager was at. Impressed by the single the manager contacted Twista to let him know about the hot artist, and then he calledMello.Mellodid not believe what was going on, and drove up to the strip club. Both he and Twista arrived at the club, and Twista was surprised to see that the man his manager was talking about wasMello. From then onMelloand Twista would cement their relationship asMellowould work with Twista and sign to the GMG label.

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Contact: bookmellogmg@gmail.com / janie.gmgent@gmail.com


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