@bobatl New Single “Strange Clouds” ft. Lil Wayne on iTunes!

B.o.B’s “Strange Clouds” ft. Lil Wayne Is Available Now

B.o.B Spotify invite

Well well well well WELL. If you haven’t been paying attention (video games perhaps?), B.o.B released a teaser trailer for “Strange Clouds” ft. Lil’ Wayne the new single is out now. You should buy it. Immediately.

That said, you can now hear the entire song on B.o.B’s website at bobatl.com/strangeclouds. Only catch? You have to follow @bobatl, but since he is your favorite artist, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you. Right? Right. You will get the absolute-latest information from B.o.B himself. We can say that with 99.99% accuracy. (That’s pretty high. No pun intended.)

Which reminds us: There have been sightings of “Strange Clouds” on bobatl.com. This one is easy. B.o.B has been uploading pictures and wants you to too. Take a picture with your iPhone and upload them with Instagram. Make sure you tag them #strangeclouds though … Or they won’t show up. .

Get ready … because this is happening. And fast.

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