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Jason Deford (D.O.B. 12-04-1984) is Nashville/Antioch TN. born rap artist B.K.A. JELLY ROLL A.K.A. Fat Man Jones. JELLY’s career began much like some of the all time “GREATS” (CANIBUS, KRS ONE, JAY Z, & EMINEM) as a freestyle and battle rapper. With more than a dozen albums/CDs & mix tapes, a fast growing viral/online campaign and countless independent artist nominations. JELLY ROLL is becoming one the most sought out Indi rap artists by fans and major labels…
With that said… A Message To All The Major Labels! “We’re holding out like Chris Johnson”!!!

Download Jelly Roll – 7Day$ Clean mp3
Download Jelly Roll – 7Day$ Dirty mp3
Download Jelly Roll – 7Day$ Instrumental mp3
Download Jelly Roll – 7Day$ Acapella mp3

Contact: tangoleerecords@yahoo.com / tlr.management8@gmail.com



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