Meet: Artist/Singer/Rapper/Songwriter [The @THullaby Project] @cakemixxllc

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Artist/Singer/Rapper/Songwriter [The T. Hullaby Project]

Carolina Promoter Exclusive: Artist/Singer/Rapper/Songwriter [The T. Hullaby Project]
After meeting T. Hullaby during a studio listening summit little did we know that she has the recipe for major label ears. Alaska Gedeon [Warner Bros] respectively Co-signs her writing abilities which open the doors for us to allow the Southeast Region the content to get to know the great news and see whats all the hype about!
“SINGLE” Is a song of empowerment, self respect and self worth. Hullaby says it’s not a “Bash My EX” song, it’s a “Find What Makes ME Happy Within ME” song. The basic moral is don’t dwell on the past relationships, learn from them and move on.
Once you know what makes you happy while you’re “SINGLE” then you can communicate this in your next relationship. In turn creating a higher success rate for your relationship. Celebrate the benefits to being “SINGLE”
DJ’s, Record Pool Directors & Music Enthusiasts please take a listen for yourself!
Download: T. Hullaby \”SINGLE\” Instrumental Version

T. Hullaby is looking for writing opportunities, not to mention striving her goals to be a household name in this business while carving out her nitch also being a recording artist not limiting her skillz in the process.

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