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The root to Natasha Mosley’s vocals stem deep within her family tree. The lineage goes as far back to the 1920-1930s when legendary blues singer Bessie Smith, who was her great grandmother’s cousin, used to rock the mic as one of music’s most influential figures. Now, Mosley looks to make the same mark in R&B. The 20-year-old songstress from Atlanta is the ‘round-the-way girl’ who started her singing career at the early age of 2. Never once did Mosley imagine all those countless hours studying Smith’s career, or singing for hours on end, would later lead to being discovered by Atlanta businessman Isom Lowman, who signed Mosley to his label, ISO MUSIC. Mosley’s likability transcended across the city, captivating audiences with a powerful and sweet voice through numerous competitions including the Apollo in Atlanta, American Idol auditions and a talent search held by Grammy-winning singer Ne-Yo. She’s gained approval from the masses, dubbing her vocal range similar to Mariah with a cute-as-a-button resemblance of a youthful Lil’ Kim. But the whole package of Mosley’s talents has drawn even more comparison to the late singer Aaliyah. “Everybody wanted to be like Mary J, Brandy and Beyoncé,” she says. “I want to be like them. I want to be known as the person who has the feel-
good music, something they can bounce to. At the same time, I want people to be inspired through my music to get over the day’s humps. I want them to learn from my struggle and appreciate me for being me.” Through a mutual friend at a birthday party, Mosley met Lazar Gray who eventually introduced her to producer/songwriter Tra Beats – a talent that is also signed to Iso Music Group. The two ultimately built a strong rapport between each other, as the two produced promising songs such as her new single, “Pretty” featuring Gucci Mane. In all, Mosley wants to be the positive light in people’s lives. “I just want people to feel good,” she says. “All my favorite artists made me feel really good about myself growing up. I want to be the one who brings that same great feeling to their hearts.”

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