New Balance – “Where are you running to next” Feat Clinton Sparks


New Balance

“Where are you running to next”

Feat Clinton Sparks


Run With Sparks

Clinton Sparks has always set himself apart from the rest. His drive to succeed, combined with his creative ideas, has helped him emerge from a cluttered field of DJ’s and producers as one of the most exciting figures in the music game.

Clinton is known for being a talented DJ as well as a multi-platinum songwriter and producer for various heavyweights including Akon, Pitbull, Ludacris, T-Pain and Beyonce. When he’s not busy in the studio, on the turntables, or checking the score of a Boston Red Sox game, Clinton can be found filming E! News as their music correspondent, interviewing everyone from Katy Perry to the prince of darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne.

His humor, talent and musical knowledge provide Clinton the ability to live within multiple platforms. From collaborating on mix tapes with Fall Out Boy and Mike Posner to beat boxing on stage for Travie Mccoy while he performs Billionaire – he’s a man of many talents.

Clinton was recently signed to Interscope Records, and will be releasing his debut album in 2011. Throughout his career, Clinton’s dedication, energy and attitude have truly defined him as an artist. Hearing and watching him play is a performance in itself!

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