See Independent Artist Spotlight Of The Month: @Jkillah3 [Cocoa, FL.] *Natural Disasters*

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Independent Artist Spotlight Of The Month: Jay Killah [Cocoa, FL.] *Natural Disasters*

Carolina Promoter features Independent Artist Spotlight Of The Month!


Hip-Hop Artist/Songwriter J.Killah a.k.a Da Underdog. The Intro To J. Killah’s New Mixtape “Da Underdog” Coming Soon. March 26, 1992 is when this 19 year old rapper first hit the earth. Born and raised in Cocoa, FLhe began writing poetry in elementary school. Eventually, he started rhyming during 6th grade, but didn’t start recording until his 8th grade year. His first song was called “Posted On Da Block” with his homeboy Tyrell who owned the studio at that time.”Killah” as most of his closest homeboys call him. Trying to get exposure anyway he can and puts numerous amounts of creativity and uniqueness into his music. His personality and style is unpredictable and you’ll never know what might come out of his mouth. Very comical as well. Most of his influence comes from life, his family and the people who overlooks him. He truly puts on for the underdogs and realizes that his abilities in rapping are great and hopes that he will influence many with real music. “Everything is already here, I just have to install in my mind and the determination to put this action into effect. When the time comes. Im there.” Killah says, Willing to always staying positive and not look at the negative. Around mid October of 2008, he recalls getting expelled from Cocoa High School because of drugs and was sent to “ALC” on earned return. After completing the program he was allowed back into his original school where he recently graduated from despite being expelled twice. He is very humble and thanks God for all he has. His hunger and determination is limitless and really feels that music is his life. Now he devotes his time and efforts into trying to be successful by overcoming all odds and creating music with a strong passion. “Lessoned learned” We all deserves second chances, Jay Killah gets his chance starting right now garnering the Independent Spotlight Of The Month.

J. Killah Presents \”Natural Disasters\” Street Version

J. Killah Presents \”Natural Disasters\” Instrumental Version


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J. Killah’s New Mixtape “Da Underdog” Coming Soon

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