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Tha PHounDation is an extremely talented Hip Hop Crew. Each member brings different aspects to the group that makes them successful.
A’one Sauce-A-Relli is a producer/rapper that brings a lot of instrumentals with him. He is the president of a production company called Block Bleedaz Muzik. Block Bleedaz provides the majority of the beats featured in Tha PHounDation’s upcoming album as well as their extremely successful mixtape “Phrom Tha Ground Up”. A’one considers himself Commander and Chief of Tha PHounDation, and his concepts are often the heart of the songs.
EP tha Trigga Man, with his Southern Swagg, always adds the perfect flavor to the mix. His range is incredible from song to song. One song he raps quickly and clearly; then he comes back with a slow one for the ladies. (He gets on the hooks every once in a while too) His nickname while recording is “One-Take-Jake” because he gets in and out of the booth quicker than anyone around.
King D is considered the clown of the group always making people laugh with his quick and entertaining jokes; he can also impersonate anyone perfectly. His humor comes out a lot in his verses, but he also knows how to come in flawlessly once a theme is established for the song. Play any instrumental and he freestyles to it.
Yung Murda is the quietest guy in the room, but he is the loudest one on the track. His verses are often the group’s favorite. He has a very talented mind and when he comes up with a concept for a song or verse, the song is immediately elevated. He is currently going to school learning how to mix and master songs.
With each member’s different voice and style and concepts, Tha PHounDation is on their way to being a worldwide success. Already gaining fans in the Southern United States their sights are set on the entire country before they conquer the world. You Can’t Build Without Tha Phoundation.

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