VirDiKO: T.E.C. ft. Monstahh aka Master P. – “MY POTNAS” [Hip-Hop] @VirDiKO Music Promotion! @TeC_dA_CtB @MASTERPMILLER

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Artists: T.E.C. ft Monstahh aka MASTER P.
Producer: No Limit Forever
Song Title: My POTNAS
Radio – Explicit
Beats Per Minute: 76
Kilobytes Per Second: 320
Album Title: T.E.C.

General Comments: No Limit Forever newest soldier T.E.C. da CTB guaranteed to put his stamp on the industry with this Banger!rnrnNo Limit Keep Coming & Flex on Haters!!! T.E.C feat Monstahh aka Master P. – My POTNAS

Contact: Percy T.
Company: No Limit Forever
Phone Number: 646.248.4452
City: Baton Rouge State: LA




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