Who Is @DJYEMI ?

Yemi, currently residing in Morgantown West Virginia is a D.J. with no limits. Although he has a background in mostly Hip-Hop and Go-Go, D.J. Yemi knows no boundaries. He can control anything with a beat. From country to rock-n-roll, he can mix it for any occasion. He just enjoys good music.

Born in Nigeria, Yemi was brought up in Maryland living with sports and music as his passion. From childhood he had grown up in church with the hymnals and his mother’s singing around the house. While his family has gone in many

directions, from his sister pursuing a modeling/acting career, to his little brother following athletics, Yemi is a family original in the music industry. Without anyone to teach him, Yemi followed his passion towards music and taught himself through the years how to mix. “I learn something new every time I D.J.,” coming from the bottom up, starting with only making playlists for parties, Yemi has built his own music empire.

Yemi stated during the interview that his original aspirations towards D.J.ing came from the simple fact of watching people enjoy GOOD music. “I love to see people having a good time, watching them listening to their favorite songs and seeing their reaction to it is why I started D.J.ing.” Starting out as a local D.J. for small functions and parties, Yemi doesn’t forget his roots. When he says he has no limits, he means it. In my interview with him, he quotes; “I have no set lane or genre, I can cater to any age group….I am a D.J. of no limits, I can D.J. a 50 year anniversary, a family barmitsfa , weddings, Sweet 16’s, sorority/fraternity Parties, I can do anything that the occasion calls for. I am a guy that likes music for music. Music can give you all emotions; it has a life of its own. Music gives

you whatever feeling that you know you need at the end of a day.” Yemi is the #1 D.J. for Brookestreet Production, as well

as, a starred D.J. at Karma Nightclub. He still makes appointments for small functions and private parties as well. He is also the President of Brookestreet’s Entertainment department, handling all matters of public entertainment and helps handle the company’s charities on some levels.
I asked where he sees himself going in the music industry, and he said; “I see myself going two ways, being a producer of music, making music for people to use and enjoy on their level. The other direction is getting in depth with Brookestreet Productions and being able to grow into an industry of throwing concerts and such.” He says that D.J.ing is only a stop in life, but when this ride will end or if it ever will, he couldn’t say. He plans to progress and to work his way up in the world of music, but as he said; “I love to D.J. so I may never stop.”

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