Jesus Fashion and Beats from @WheresJor_Dan with Review

I do not get motivated by many artists.

After 15 years of listening and trying to adapt “my” ears to what is being played, sometimes it gets a little redundant and boring. This is not one of those cases.

One day I was on a gospel website of an upcoming tour inFloridaand this song “Swag” came on and I was immediately stuck. After playing the song at least a dozen times, I did some homework and starting searching to see just who this Jor’Dan Armstrong was.

Again, very few artist and their work motivate “ME” to go and find “THEM”.

I came across this site:

I went through some of the old videos and music that was there but none of the music that was there struck me as much as “Swag”.

So I began stalking this artist….patiently waiting for new music to come.

And one day my prayers were answered. I go to the site and I see a download link for the mix CD entitled “Jesus, Fashion and Beat”. I click on the download and it says broken link……OH THE DEVIL GOT ME!

Frustrated, I emailed the site and told them that the link was broken and that I was a huge fan already and if I could, could I please have the link and more info on Jor’Dan so I can do a post on him. His management, Ms LETRECE R. GRIFFIN, gladly provided and not only sent me a bio but she also sent me the entire mix CD.


Hear me out.

I have not been so blessed in my life from listening TO music IN MY LIFE!

But before we go into the official review, let me state a few things.

Too many times Gospel rap gets instantly berated and seen as lower class or cheap quality music. It’s hard enough to be a musician but to be in Hip Hop is a battle itself, and to be saved AND a Christian AND a rapper was seen as blasphemy.

I can say for the sake of Hip Hop that that is totally not true and unfair; and this CD proves it without a doubt.

I think the problem comes when people that do not understand rap still thinks of the genre as all negative. Rap/Hip Hop is the voice of the people, and just like the different varieties of people, you will also have varieties of Hip Hop.

Add to that, this younger generation…you know the one that is lost morally, the one that says bitches, hoes, and doesn’t know the meaning of self respect, historical value, spiritual connection or self worth; that generation NEEDS this music. They are not going to listen to Bebe and Cece Winans or Shirley Ceasar as fast as they would Jor’Dan Armstrong and if by him doing his version of Hip hop IS bringing any of those lost souls to be saved and knowing the grace of God then I applaud his efforts and salute him for standing his ground and doing the music that he loves (that God has blessed him to do).



5 of 5 (perfect)

Time spent Listening: 13+ and still in rotation

This CD has NO flaws.

The lineup is perfect. The transition from song to song is spot on.

The production (done by The Good Guys, which is Jor’Dan, TedyP and Franchise Tief) is levels above most of the production that is out on mainstream radio and is a perfect fit for Jor’Dan’s voice.

At first I was a little skeptic. After listening to ‘Swag’ over 100 times, how could he top that? Well, he did it and he did it at least 4 other times on the CD with songs like:

‘Glow”, which is a direct reflection of how modern this music is blended with his message. If there were Gospel clubs, this song would be one of them in rotation;

‘OMG’ is crazy funky and I caught my self “leanin and rockin” with it from the start of the song;

‘Believer’ brought in the vocal skills of Keyondra Locket of Zie’l and for moments in the vocals I thought it was Brandy;

‘Who Made You Love Me’ is a very nice modern ballad/conversation that should be the theme song for everyone

‘U Did Something 2 Me’ was on repeat for at least 4 hours, once I got past ‘Glow’. If there is a song on the CD that should be on the radio, that will relate to the kids, with a dope beat and awesome message….behind ‘Glow’, it would be this song. It was this song that I noticed his progression. The vocals on this was a little different but in this case, different was awesome. There were a few spots that you actually got to hear Jor’Dan show off his range, passion and emotional projection in his voice.

And my favorite song on the CD “Heartbreaker” (which went on repeat for at least 6 hours) is deep. If you are going through any type of inner struggle, please listen to this song. The emotion in this track is displayed in the production from the projection of the first words…”Look what you’ve done to me….” I don’t cry often. I very seldom show the inner emotions but often you will get hit with a moment of self reflection that makes you connect with not just the artist, the music, but YOU and God. This song did that to me. The song slowly built and then climaxed and then calmed again then built again and then went into this blissful harmony, (like our lives) and then the words came…”What you love me for, how could you love somebody. That breaks your heart all the time?” the tears came and would not stop…

The connection was made, the mirror was out and now there was no more hiding it. This is what music is supposed to do to you. If there is no connection it is just noise.

This entire project was a blessing from ‘Glow’ to ‘Issues’. If you are a music fan you have to listen. If you are a person in search of Christ, you have to listen. If you are a young person wanting to listen to the Word of God but not some old negro spiritual, you have to listen. This is the best CD by a LOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGG margin so far this year by ANY artist.

Awesome job!

Peace and Blessing




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