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Introduction to David
What happens when what is done in the dark comes back to hunt you?

“David” is a story by Author Preston A. Dent that explore the life of a young man that grew up in the system and faced many challenges including drug abuse, the lack love, sexual abuse and a low-self-worth. The Male version of Precious with an Edge this novel shows you the inner workings of the mean streets and a system that is set up to fail.

In this book you will meet a young David who is forced into the foster care system after the death of his mother, left with no family and no one to care for him David is force to cope with the hand that life has giving him. As the years past and David encounters problem after problem he turns to the only male role model he knows, Smooth his older foster brother who introduces him to the street life and how to make money and fend for himself.

At this point David jumps in head first and starts on a path to destruction as he leads a dangerous life of crime and sexual encounters with female after female, he soon finds out that the life he lives has caught up with him and he discovers that he is infected with HIV/AIDS.

David: Exposes the life a young man who allowed his circumstances control his destiny, and how a string of bad choices will set the tone for your future. David shows the world the inner workings of the city streets and how no matter what you do in the dark it will always catch up to you one way or another.

Highlights of David
–This story hits home because it something that can and does happen in today’s society.
–The foster system fails David which starts him on his path of destruction.
–When David finds out that he has HIV/AIDS.
–When Smooth turns his back on David.
–When David finds out that Danielle is carrying his child

–When David tries to turn his life around and starts to get closer to the pastor of the church.
Meet Author Preston A. Den
Born in Kansas City, MO., Preston Dent got the taste of reality at the age of 9 when his father up rooted them and moved them to an inner city Projects on Cameron St. in Harrisburg, PA by the age of 12 he was very accustom to inner city life, “I got shot with a 38 revolver when I was 13, dying for 4 seconds. It wasn’t Bloods or Crips we had hoods, it was about what side of town you lived on and in, I was knee deep into that life style, I loved it, but karma has a way of waking you up to your wrong doing. “Some would think it was from bad parenting that was simply not the case, my parents did their best to keep me out of the street life but it just kept calling my name

A conversation with author Preston A. Dent

As a new author, what would you say was your most difficult challenge in completing your novel?

Finishing the story was the hardest part because my imagination runs so wild that i could keep adding stories forever.

What are your favorite things about the main three characters David?

My favorite three characters are David, Elektra, and Smooth

David because he was the little boy from under a rock, the boy with known family going foster home to foster home, I admire his heart and courage, even though he was taking his situation to a negative matter, his plans were always strategic.


Elektra because she was the happy little girl, her whole life changed when her mother died in a fatal car accident. She was sent to live with her uncle across the country and he started raping her until eventually she shot him to his death.


Smooth because he was about his money, he wanted better for David putting him in position to fend for his self. It wasn’t till David started using the drug they were trying to sell that he cut ties with him.



What’s the biggest compliment you’ve been getting on this book?
The people say the book makes them cry from the pain and sorrow that it makes them want to have sex from the sex scenes, and that it is the hardest book they ever read

As a writer, what are some of the most important things you try to get across through your books?
I write for the people that been through a struggle, to the people that survived tragic situations. So my points to get across would always be the reality not the fairy tale and fantasy land they print on your TV screen

What was the last book you read? Why that particular book?

48 laws of power because the knowledge that it provides is 100 % needed in a man’s journey to life success

Please give us a preview of your next project including when it will be released.
My next project which I am currently working on is the sequel to David.



For more information on ordering David or to interview Author. Preston A. Dent please email pr@reddahliapr.net. Follow Preston on twitter @pacinoearlybird


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