R.I.P. Jon “JA” Aymos aka Mr Middle Finga

Today the world of Hip Hop lost a great one.  Rapper, producer, engineer and humanitarian Jon Aymos (mr Middle Finga)

lost his fight with cancer. I didn’t know Jon long. In fact, the first conversation that we had was an argument about music. Since that conversation, we came to a mutual understanding about life and music. About how this city was once was a mecca for music but now it’s an afterthought. We spoke of plans on how

he and I could make Macon back the respected place for music, but more specifically on how we could lift up the voice of Hip Hop through music. We argued about the direction I should take with the career of his cousin rap artist Blue Montana and yet it all started and ended with the music.
I’ve met very few people as passionate about the music as Jon. His desire to have utter perfection and flawless production was unmatched.

I’m saddened by the fact that Jon leaves behind a body of work that spans a few decades.

He and his group Thom Jamez were actually one of the first people to grace the cover of our magazine (photo attached). Although Jon may have come off a little arrogant at times and severely stubborn, it was his drive for perfection that was behind that, and for that fact alone….we connected.

Jon and I also connected on a few other levels. I shared smoothie recipes from time to time since we had similar diets and he shared music recipes on how this younger generation could win at the game. Although our methodology was different, we still had the same intention of teaching the youth to not make the same mistakes that we did.

Today, the cancer may have won the fight, but the world of Hip Hop gained a true soldier long ago. The plight for Macon Music was carried and well represented on the hi-hats and break beats of a professional producer that always showed his city love.

I’ve spoken with a few people over the last few days and I’ve given them the outline for a Jon Aymos Documentary with Mr Middle Finga’s music being the soundtrack. I hope the people in charge move forward with that plan. I will use all of the tools at my disposal to get his message out to the people.

Jon, you will be missed. Although you will no longer be here physically, your music will live on for generations inspiring the youth to be more rebellious, outspoken, straightforward, and real just as you were.

*Middle Finga salute to you bro’.

Rest in Peace.



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