@The_Redd Debuts Single “Get Naked” Featuring Rotimi ! @iampragency

The Redd Debuts Single “Get Naked” Featuring Rotimi !

Chicago-based artist The Redd recently released his latest single “Get Naked” which is currently available on iTunes (http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/get-naked-feat.-rotimi-single/id468506780). Featuring Rotimi, this song is a distinct modern hybrid of hip hop and R&B.

“When creating ‘Get Naked’ I was reaching for a vibe like Lil Wayne and Baby Face,” says The Redd.

“Get Naked” strays from the typical hip hop format. Featuring real guitars, percussion, and keyboard, the combination of The Redd’s hard-hitting urban rhyming with Rotimi’s sultry classic R&B melody and honeyed pop crooning results in a song that effectively mixes the hard with the soft, the tough with the sensitive.

Producer James Love adds, “‘Get Naked’ has a creative sexy vibe. The Redd’s lyrics have a clever wordplay, and Rotimi’s tantalizing vocal hook combined with the creative vocal background and synthesizer are sure to appeal to many fans.”

Sharing his God-given talent with the world, The Redd’s classic hip-hop swagger and powerful rapping make him a resonant influential voice rising above the standard rap genre.

Rotimi is one of the brightest up-and-coming multi-talented artists in the entertainment industry. In addition to singing, he is also an actor. Rotimi is currently playing a recurring role on the STARZ critically acclaimed drama series “BOSS” starring Kelsey Grammar as the mayor of Chicago.


About Wuli Records
Louis Svitek and Ryan T. McGuire founded Wuli Records in 2004 in Chicago, Illinois and were signed to Universal Music Group/Fontana for national distribution and In Grooves for global distribution in 2010. Wuli, which is Mandarin for “patterns of organic energy”, represents the philosophy of the Owners who aim to channel talent by providing full–service artist development.

Svitek and McGuire each have over 25 years audio engineering, production and live performance experience. Svitek was a member of Ministry, M.O.D., Mind Funk and Revolting Cocks. McGuire
is known for playing in Big Foot Sex Slave and The Virginia Gentlemen. Artists featured on their label include: The Redd, Reform The Resistance, Stoop Goodnoise, Young Inno, Cycotical Genius, The Waking and International Star-Lee DeWyze. Wuli has no limit to their artistic capabilities as they have successfully produced all genres of music.

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