YO! PR | @blockstarz Music Website Tops Jay-Z’s Roc Nation In U.S.

Block Starz Music Website Tops Jay-Z’s Roc Nation In U.S.

The official website for German-American digital label Block Starz Music LLC, www.blockstarzmusic.com, is now the most popular urban label domain in the United States. BlockStarzMusic.com (ranked #68,925) had trailed RocNation.com (ranked #82,253) as the most popular urban label site in the U.S., but recently jumped Jay-Z’s imprint to take the number one spot according to new statistics provided by web information company Alexa. Block Starz Music’s website currently attracts over 2.5 million unique visitors who view over 11 million pages on average per year.

“Our traffic is modest and we have fewer Facebook and Twitter followers than many teenage girls,” jokingly admits Block Starz Music President and Co-Founder Bayer Mack. “But our brand has generated a wealth of social currency with independent artists, key influencers, and music industry professionals, which enables us to reach a significantly larger audience through partnerships.”

Founded as a full service online music company in 2008 to scout, develop, and market new independent talent, Block Starz Music has focused primarily on promoting its own artists and releases, but executives say the company will introduce various lifestyle marketing campaigns aimed at non-music advertisers as well as programs targeting non-affiliated independent music acts in 2012.

“When Block Starz Music was conceived, we sought to create an exciting company that independent artists could trust and one that would engender brand loyalty with music consumers,” says Co-Founder and CEO Kai Denninger. “Maintaining that focus has allowed us to grow a highly-engaged audience for our artists and releases. Now, the goal is to do the same for other lifestyle and non-music consumer product brands.”

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Block Starz Music LLC, www.blockstarzmusic.com, is a German-American online music company founded in 2008 to scout, develop, and market new independent talent. The company represents music artists in the United States and Europe.


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