kick it up ah notch..swagga @talkofchicago ft bodeal @bodeal guttavilledough @guttavilledough & buttafuko @butta773

Drell Nichols (swagga) is an artist/songwriter whose catalog consist of over one-hundred songs copywritten through Library of Congress. With over ten years experience in live performances, studio recording, and developing independent artists with similar visions.
I am a C.E.O; of my own indie label (Barz “R” Us Ent). I’m looking for major distribution/ exposure from a label which can help stabilize what I have already built!! My label is also home to other artist and songwriters seeking to expand their repitiore.
Born and raised from Chicago Il. Grew up listening to hip-hop, r and b, disco, dusties, and pop which gave me tools to construct a well-rounded perspective of music. Despite facing adversity I managed to persevere, and convert my artistry into an epitome of my struggle. My style is completely unique, and likeable to most people.
Appearances include air-play on multiple area radio stations, several collaborations with Dj Slugo, UGTV, and video director P. Noble. I have been featured on WGCI (the come up), Dj V/Dub (laws & policies), ch 25 intro/promo, etc;
I’m seeking to expand my label, fanbase, and music with the assist of appropriate resources from a larger corporation. You can definitely expect to see and hear greater things to come from this artist.

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