Who is @DertyDen

Hailing from small town Enfield, NC, rich in strong values, history and culture, we find one of the South’s hottest up-n-coming Hip-Hop stars.

Towering the scene at an enormous 6’3 and weighing slightly over 300lbs, Derty Den aka Big Gates is a force of nature destined to be reckoned with. His word play comes rich in metaphors and prophetic insight and endears all who hear him. As a true student of the game he prides himself on being an official “Master Of Ceremonies”. Taking the weight of such a title to heart, Den aims to create a sound that amplifies the “good in the hood” as opposed to showcasing negatives. He is the true definition of what North Carolina music is and the voice of an average young black male who made something out of nothing.

“I’m a diamond in the rough! I want to show that the South is more than just screaming, yelling and stereotypes. I study the music industry very closely.”

If anyone is capable of finding the right balance of party and meaning in this lukewarm musical climate, without a doubt, Derty Den is your man. His energy, delivery and flow demands a response from his listeners and his true life depictions and storytelling style of Rap earned him the “Best Southern Artist” award at the Underground Music Awards in 2008. He was also “Best Lyricist” winner at the 2009 North Carolina Underground Music Awards and winner of the 2009 & 2010 Carolina Music Awards for Best Male Artist. Derty Den has continued to keep worldwide media coverage, including past features in major music publications such as “The Source” (Independent Grind), Ozone magazine (Patiently Waiting), AllHipHop (Breeding Ground), and even the largest Hip Hop Magazines in France and Germany- “Rap US” and “JUICE”. Den was also selected as the top 50 artist to blow in 2010 by Beyond Race Magazine. (*Note- BRM is the only Magazine that selected Drake to blow in 08).

With his unmistakable southern style and his hard Carolina grind, Derty Den is pushing his way through to the next level of his career by working with a variety of producers and DJs on his projects. One of Den’s popular singles, “Hey Shawty”, spoke on his love for southern women and has expanding him to even greater markets.

Derty Den’s LP, “Carolina Aint Enough”, dropped over 7500 LPs, featured the most top singles from him (which are still in rotation in NC), and is available for Digital downloads  on iTunes, Amazon and other Digital networks. His most recent NC project, titled “Tony Soprano”, is still receiving highly rated reviews and has excelled very well with singles “All I Need”, “I See Paper”, and one of his most popular remixed singles, which continues to make numbers on the radar, “Hot Toddy” f/ Usher & Jay Z’s vocals. His never-ending grind keeps the Carolina native’s music being heard nationwide and even outside the US Hip-Hop market. He’s been covered in publications like The Source (“Indie Grind”), Ozone Magazine (“Patiently Waiting”), Juice Magazine (“Rep Your Hood”), Hip Hop Weekly (“Indie Grind”) and consistently featured on AllHipHop.com, YoRaps.com, MTV.com, ThisIs50.com, and HipHopDX.com- just to name a few. This consistency is surely proving that people should watch out for this Carolina star in the making, if they haven’t already started paying attention.

September 2010 Den brought home the Southern Music Entertainment Summit “Best Male Artist” over NC Native and Roc Nation artist J-Cole. Currently he is finishing up his 1st Street Album titled “Limitless” set to drop end of July featuring the production from producers across the nation. His relentless work ethic and passion for the genre has himself submerging and standing out in a league of his own!

SoundClick Link: http://snd.sc/z1ZwjX

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