@DigiWaxx 2.0 | Pro’Verb | Caught You Lookin’

Artist(s): Pro’Verb
Title: Caught You Lookin’
Producer(s): Saint John
Time: 3:36
Label: Unsigned
Album: New Mixtape “WHILE YOU’RE WAITING” Available Online!!!!
Available Versions:
  • Pro’Verb – Caught You Looking (Clean)
  • Pro’Verb – Dont Get Mad, Get Money (Clean)
  • Pro’Verb feat Reesa Renee & RAthe MC (Clean)
Be sure to check out the mixtape, this kid is the
business. Check It Out!
http://www.djbooth.net/index/mixtapes/entry/proverb-while-youre-waiting/ .
Label Contact Information:
Tiffanie Wagner
Phone: 410-725-3796

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