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Straight from the inner city streets of Miami comes a multi-talented artist named D-Legend. D-Legend is a Hip Hop artist with the talent to write exclusive hits. His poetic real life lyrics, distinctive voice, along with classical melodies cause him to stand out from ordinary rappers. He is definitely an upcoming legend in this Hip Hop game!

D-Legend’s music is based on his real life experiences, which everybody from all walks of life can relate to. In other words, D-Legend keeps it real for the streets! His music will definitely make an impact in this Hip Hop era. He is a well developed artist with the talent to write and produce club bangers, street music, reality, uplifting songs, and cross over material that’s incorporated with catchy phrases and hooks.

His talent and live performances has landed him many opportunities. D-Legend has also done numerous of shows with well known artist throughout the State OF Florida. There have been numerous stories about him in several local magazines. Most notably, Florida State University published an Alumni story on him due to his recognized talents and creativity in music. D-Legend has also landed a key role in an upcoming movie entitled “Tumbe”.

D-Legend stated that his goal is “to write and produce music that will be demanded from generation to generation”.

He is now in the process of releasing his hit single “ Make You Sweat” from his upcoming album Melodies of a Survivor “ which is making a buzz on the streets and clubs throughout South Florida and The Worldwide Web, YouTube, and World Star Hip Hop! Please view ” Make You Sweat Video” on Youtube : http://youtu.be/DYa6nye0oiI

For more information and booking please contact D-Legend at the following info below or visit him at the following sites:

1. Booking: (786) 366-1652 or (754) 234-9127

2 www.facebook.com/dlegend305

3. www.twitter.com/dlegend305

4. www.truevizionent


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