Mic, Camera, Action; Hip Hop Encounter interview of Sy Yung

It isn’t easy for a young male to break into the major leagues of baseball. It is even harder that same young man to land a major supporting role in a movie. Now add on top of that this young man is African American. This same young man is also using his music as an outlet and to entertain the masses. Let me introduce you to Friedel Pinkston.

The name may not be known throughout the world yet but in some parts of the country the stage name of Sy Yung is making quite a buzz.

We caught up with Sy Yung to talk to him about his most recent projects.


HHE: we read your last release “From the Mound to the Microphone”, very interesting piece. Very inspiring story.

Sy: I appreciate that man, no better story than a true one. And any story that shows the blessings that we receive and the perseverance of the human spirit should be put out there more. I’m not going to give up and hopefully my story will inspire some kid to keep pushing forward too.


HHE: So what’s been going on with you lately?

Sy: Man I got a lot going on right now, just trying to get my foot in the door at a lot of places


HHE: I checked out Maintenance Man 2, is there another installment coming

Sy: Yeah, I am still pushing my featured single “Bring it Back”. The response to that record has been consistent and the spins are there so we still moving forward with it. It will definitely be a part of Maintenance Man 3 that I will be dropping sometime late spring or early summer; based on my filming schedule


HHE: you shoot videos for this project or you do “other stuff” (side laughter)

Sy: now man, nothing like that. I’ve just been cast as the only other African American in the bio pic for Jackie Robinson. The movie is titled “42” and it should be released around Jackie Robinson Day 2013.


HHE: that has to be wild to be a part of such a historically important player

Sy: this whole thing is surreal. It is an extreme honor to be a part of any movie. But to be a part of a picture to someone who paved the way for me to be able to do what I am trying to do on a daily basis is a real blessing. Doing this movie, thus far,  has been the highlight of my professional career. Jackie means so much to not just baseball but more importantly, he is a civil rights icon right there with Rosa Parks, Dr. King and others. It is truly a blessing and an honor to do this.


HHE: That’s a good look bro’ much respect for that. Is this a movie for NBC or you coming to the big screen (not hating, just asking)?

Sy: This is a major production. I leave forBirminghamin a few weeks, thenMaconGeorgiaand a couple other spot locations. If all goes well, I should have the first lines in the movie.


HHE: That is definitely a big step. So how have things been going since the arm injury?

Sy: things are going steady. I have been tossing up either music and sports, or sports and music. Which project takes priority over the other? I’ve had my surgery, I work out daily and I am just trying to keep in major league ready shape for when I get that call for a workout or camp tryout. The arm is definitely ready. In the meantime, it’s just been me and my music. I’m on my third major project with some serious established production. My material is still for the ladies. Some club tracks here and there and a few social conscious joints but it all comes back to the ladies. I make music for them.


HHE: you have a title for the next project yet?

Sy: we tossed around a few suggestions but I finally settled on “Cut the Check”


HHE: any collaboration on deck

Sy: I might have a few, I may save them for a single or two but the move right now is to just focus on finishing the project ASAP because you never know how long a shoot may go. In my dealings with music videos, a 2 hour video shoots turns into a 10 hour shoot real quick so I am trying to get the music out of the way NOW to I can give all of my focus to the movie.


HHE: so music, movies, and major leagues…you have anything else up your sleeve. You plan on hitting up Dancing With the Stars next or Iron Chef?

Sy: (laughing), now man. I just want to stay busy. Whatever I do I promise you; whether it’s me doing music or me doing movies or me on that mound, I will give it may all. Maxes Out Music is not just a name and label for me, it is also my philosophy. If you gone do something, give it your all or don’t do it at all. I know I have a lot of options on the table and God has blessed me with various option and I’m just using everything that God gave me and putting every ounce of me into. I just hope the people like it.



Website: http://syyung.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/syyung25

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sy-Yung/175255212528411

Epk: http://onesheet.com/syyung/


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