@Solo_tha_Great Launches New I Hit Yo Bitch Campaign & #BlackJamesBond Project featuring DarkHouse 415

We join Solo tha Great aka CUSH once again as we film his contorversial hit “I hit yo bitch”. He explains “Anyone can be a bitch in the sence, its not jus used to degrade women any more. Some of the men can be bigger bitches than the chicks, its all in how u carry yourself and how u conduct your relationship”.
As we are shown during filming, he choses not to display alot of skin and ass shaking, he tells Tony Fair (the director of the video) that he perfers a more upscale sexy when shooting his videos, so that all audiences are able to watch. When asking the Director Tony Fair what was his biggest interest in filming the video he told us “I really liked the Cheaters concept of the video, I always like thinkin outside the box when it comes to filming”, we also asked what is your favorite part about working with Solo tha Great, (As he has filmed his first 2 videos of his career) “I like the fact that he knows what he wants to do, he puts forth a effort to make things happen and is more in tune with his ideas which makes it easier for me to film it and make it a reality”.
We also got a chance to interview Sha’Ryan Carr, leading lady of the video also aspiring runway model, she was happy to share her insight on the video and her experiences. We asked how was it shooting her first video? “It was fun and exciting, a learning experience for the future of the entertainment business”. How was it working with Solo tha Great? “I felt very at ease and secure considering the fact that we knew each other long before the video was thought of, he is a very determined artist and has alot to offer to the music scene”. We definately enjoyed the video and think that you all will too, it was full of humor and good tunes.
For any other music or videos reguarding Solo tha Great you can follow him https://twitter.com/#!/@Solo_tha_Great on twitter
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