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We’re about to launch White House Band’s campaign in a few weeks for the new project.
I’d like to set up an interview with your blog.

The first single and fan-favorite is TGIF [Thank God I’m Fly]

Audio: http://soundcloud.com/davidebeats/tgif-thank-god-im-fly
Instrumental: http://soundcloud.com/davidebeats/the-white-house-band-tgif
Lyric Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGxFBmBcWMc

“To me, this song represents fun in its purest form”, said David E Beats. “We all love to have a good time; we all love to see ourselves in the best light. This song is for all people, of any race, creed, or culture, who believe that they are, without a doubt, “Fly”. Confidence and boldness are the only personality traits that fortune favors!”

Please let me know your availability. Thank you for your continuous support!

Media Contact

Olivia Dikambi
President| I AM PR Agency, LLC
P: 718.676.1255
E: olivia@iampragency.com
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