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Through his music and ability to explore subject matter that crosses genres and cultures, KANTRELL is the bridge to Hip-Hop’s future. Heralded as one of the South’s hottest unsigned voices behind a microphone, the ambitious rapper is the one to keep on your radar and warn other MC’s to watch their back.

KANTRELL is to make his landmark debut on the highly anticipated mix-tape, “ALZ-113,” effortlessly balancing wit, skill and style calling to mind an era of Hip-Hop when being considered a great MC was more about lyricism than commercialism. This young prodigy is comprised of a plethora of talent, including writing and rhyming, all of which represent the truth – his truth. While you can definitely tell KANTRELL’s been around the block, you can also recognize that he has elevated his state of mind, all of which is reflected in his music.

Endorsed by many industry heavy-hitters and rap critics, Atlanta native KANTRELL is looking forward to striking nothing less than platinum with his commanding sound and self-empowered charisma that is deeply rooted in quintessential Hip-Hop but with new-school sensibilities. Kantrell is already industry respected and has worked with some of the industry’s best producers such as DJ Toomp, Daron Jones and Justice League – just to name a few.

While already being known in the independent scene for his commanding performances, this animated 26 year-old is looking to broaden his listening audience by bringing creativity back into music as well as dropping knowledge in the process.

Kantrell……. “They don’t have to like me, I just wan them to separate me.”

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Contact: (404) 309 6903 / Kpollard03@gmail.com

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