@MasterPMiller @VirDiKO – “TRENDING!” [No Limit Forever]

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Artist: Master P.
Mike Neff
Song Title: TRENDING!
Versions: Radio – Explicit – Instrumental
Beats Per Minute: 70 Kbps: 320
Album Title:
Boss of All Bosses

General Comments: No Limit Forever Colonel is back with the Return of the Real! No Limit Keeps Coming!!! Thanks to all of the PDs, MDs & DJ’s for all of your support and most important the Fans!!!

Contact: Percy T. Company: No Limit Forever
Phone Number: 646.248.4452
City: New Orleans State: LA
Website: http://www.NoLimitForeverRecords.com
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/556864486

Twitter: http://twitter.com/MASTERPMILLER

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MasterPMiller

VirDiKO: http://bit.ly/obBz0U

Virtual Distribution KOmpany (VirDiKO) • 1700 Commerce Street • Dallas, TX 75202


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