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Born in San Antonio Texas the middle child of three sisters, Phillip Hodge was raised in an environment comparable to rapper Curtis Jackson (50-cents) upbringing. Like “50”, Phillips mother was a well-known drug dealer who regularly made drug transactions in their apartment. The high traffic caught the eye of neighbors who suspected fowl play and reported her to Child Protective Services. It was at the tender age of nine Phillip and his sister’s were removed from their mothers care after countless failed (CPS) investigations, therefore branding them “wards of the state.” Within that same year, Phillip learned that his father (whom he did not know well, but admired) had passed away. It was then Phillip began to channel his loneliness and pain into rap. “I never would recite rhymes and copy them down. I always would spit straight off the dome,” recalls Phillip. Spending the next nine years separated from his siblings in and out of group and foster homes, Phillip would act out, a desperate cry for help, only to be met by prescription happy caseworkers who labeled him a thug and mentally incompetent. Phillip was then placed on a variety of anti depressant medications. “I remember an older staff member pulled me to the side and told me”, “Baby you don’t need these meds, all you have to do is learn to balance you lifestyle and anger. Why don’t you use your music as an outlet?” states Phillip. “I was surprised she remembered I rapped. I made up my mind to do something with my God given gift.” Without fail Phillip turned his defeats into wins, he adapted the name “Thuggizzle”, derived from years of being called a “thug” and “izzle” meaning “is him”, joined Job Corp, earned his diploma then entered medical school and became a certified medical assistant. “My childhood taught me a valuable lesson, where you come from doesn’t mean that’s what you have to be. I am not calling myself a thug and that is all you are getting. As a thug, you can achieve something. I want my fans to receive a message, if it goes in a negative its going to come out a positive. I want them to grow with me.” Grow he did, recently a judge ordered full custody of 4 year old Stephon Hodge to his father Phillip, as well as being featured on Kens5 News in San Antonio as a “Success Story” where he revisited his old house with camera crew in tow and relived unpleasant experiences living with his mom. “I am Philip Hodge and through Thuggizzle I’m trying to show a point, you’re past doesn’t represent your future, If I could make the best out of the worst, so can anyone!” Thuggizzle is currently working on his debut album slated to drop in December 2012 “Should of Never Slept on me.” Critics are buzzing about this Texan and with tracks like “Girl I’m Just F’ing with You,” the “Lil Wayne” whispers do not seem to dissipate. When asked how he feels about being compared to one of Hip Hop’s great, Thuggizzle makes it clear, “I’m a fan of Lil Wayne, he’s a talented dude, but I’m not here to imitate or mock. I’m Thug; I got my own story to tell.” As long as he is talking, he will always have listeners. “From his southern slur to his undeniable modelesq look, he is the bad boy pretty boy your mama warned you about.” States “Viola-Nile” aka “The Pushy Publicist” of “Pushy PR Media Relations of her Texan Trojan. Stay Tuned for what will surely be a HOSEHOLD NAME!

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