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As we are well into 2012 I think it is way past time to address a few things; Times have changed.

These are not the golden days of Hip Hop where an artist is struggling to be heard. We are now well into a digital revolution and with the accessibility of anytime information via the internet the fans are being mistreated and forgotten.

Before an artist could just post a link and whatever posted instantly became viral because only those with the means to do so would be online and attempting to go viral.

Now, with apps, plug-in, viral teams, virtual assistants and more a song can go from 1 link to well over 1 million instantly with the push of a button with little to NO budget at all.

Here is where the issues are with me.

As a social media consultant, I not only have to look at what is best for the client but I also have to look at the target market, is there a market, accessibility, security issues and a few other things.

Even though the culture has changed and the mechanisms have been upgraded and edited; the rules are still the same:

  1. conceptualize the music
  2. Make the music
  3. Legalize the music
  4. Distribute the music
  5. Promote, promote, promote
  6. Interact with fans
  7. Sell music
  8. *repeat the process

You can not skip the steps. But with the simplicity of the internet and the ease of access quite a few steps are skipped. I have personally seen music go from 1, 2, and 4 and 7; completely disregarding the legal process that was put in place to protect the artist and disrespecting the fans.

Just because you post a link on Facebook does not make that a valid promotion.

Just because you have a slideshow video does not qualify as a quality visual presentation.

If I may borrow from Translee, we are in a digital age and for those of you that were born since 1990, you are ALL digital Natives. I am a digital immigrant since I was born waaaayyyyy before that. But since you guys are natives, you have taken for granted the essential elements of promoting, the established mechanisms of music creation and completely forgot about your most important element: the fan.

Everybody and their momma raps (seriously). So what separates you from them? You have no niche. Your hook sounds just like his? Oh wait, he stole yours…I get it.

You guys have to stop and take a real look at how you conduct business (yes, you are the business). Fix IT!

Fan interaction is NOT them coming to you. You have to reach out to them FIRST. Once the connection is made, the rest will come. If all you do is post links on Facebook and Twitter, what are you accomplishing other than filling up my feed? Between Facebook and Twitter there are over half a BILLION people on their sites, you link will only go as far as your friends and your friends friends friends, etc.

Are you accessible? How many other social media sites are you on? I HATE Twitter and I only go TO the site when I get an email notification that someone mentioned ME. I seldom got to Plurk, identica, or Google Plus but I at least have those accounts and they pull my Twitter feed so I am always staying current. What are you doing? I make myself accessible for the people that I post, not for me. I use it as a training exercise so that when they find this “new” site, they search Hip Hop Encounter and I am already there and have been posting content for months.

As an artist, you have to be an information whore. You have to be on any and every social media site no matter how obscure it is. Just because you haven’t heard of it does not make it invalid…it makes you ignorant.

Think of each site as a potential sale from a new fan that will discover you on each site.

Go out and find them!

If you think that they will come searching for you then you deserve every inch of fame that you get.


Something to think about.




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