About ViralShowPR

ViralShowPR was created out of need.

The internet is a huge resource. With the millions of websites, social media networking sites, music sites, review sites, video submission sites and countless others. As an artist/entertainer knowing where to go to submit music or which allows you to upload video is information crucial to an artist survival.

ViralShowPR has done the legwork for the artist and created profiles at each of the official sites that allow submission. Using the preexisting resources of one of the other businesses under the Hip Hop Encounter Media Group umbrella, Hip Hop Encounter, viraly promote their video to over 100 video sites.

As a basic part of our services we also offer SEM (search engine marketing), SEO (search engine optimization), and customization of profile images on all accounts that we create.

Our motto is Viral Marketing Done Right.

We work on all phases of online advertising and marketing implementation. We specialize in the following services.

  • Viral Advertising and Marketing
  • Website Editing and Creation
  • Entertainment Showcase Marketing
  • Event Coordinating
  • Artist Public Relations
  • Problem Scenario PR
  • Conflict Resolution

No project is too small or situation to large for us to handle.

**Our 100 % Money Back Guarantee is calculated as such. If any work is performed on the account, we begin prorating the amount paid with the actual work done. For instance, if you purchase 1000 Twitter follower for $100 and we only deliver 750. You are entitled a refund for the 250 followers that we did not obtain. that is a refund of $25 since each follower was equal to $.10 x 250). We refund 100% of the unused/allocated portion of your payment.
The only instance where a full 100% refund will be awarded is if we did not do ANY work on the project and a payment was received.

This video is NOT ours but is explains a LOT in a very little time.


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