We are NOT liable for any actions taken by any host site for any of the services that you purchase. If you purchase Twitter followers and your account gets suspended, we hold no rights or accept any responsibility for that action. KNOW THE RISK, YES you can get suspended, banned or your content that you upload can get deleted  for using any of the services applied on this site. Our services are NOT illegal but they are against most companies Terms of Service. Purchase at your OWN risk.

In the event that your account does experience any adverse effects, a refund will not be applied.

*We offer both real and created followers and likes. If you do not specify that you want real people, the default option is to add followers and likes from accounts that we have created. YouTube views are all real with complete IP registration.
If you are purchasing more than 5,000 Twitter followers, we recommend purchasing the created followers first to build your base of followers. We would then follow that up with followers in the followback community to bury the created followers. We recommend using a mix of both types. Once followers have been delivered, we are not responsible for followers that have decided to unfollow you at a later date.
If you are purchasing Facebook Likes more than 5,000 Facebook Likes, we recommend the same method as Twitter except in this case NO ONE can see who is actually liking a Facebook page except the administrator. We always add Likes from accounts that we have created or within our network since we know that those Likes will stick and not be removed later. If you chose to select real people, once likes have been delivered, we are not responsible for followers that have decided to unlike you at a later date.
YouTube views are all real using the current YouTube IP registration. YouTube rules on viewing and number calculations apply, please see YouTube for details or contact us with any questions that you may have.
*all accounts are discreet and strictly confidential. If you want proof of service we will service one of our accounts but you will not get free followers added to your account just so you can see if it works. We do NOT divulge the identity of any clients that we have worked, so do not bother asking. We hold each clients identity and business-to-business information 1000% secure. No clients information is sold, traded, bartered, or shared with a third party.


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