Get Instagram Service

*due to the high volume of request, we have decided to test this service. we can not guarantee that it will remain on the site, this is only a beta test. Our service has been tested and our methods have been proven for the services below. If you have any other request for services, please use the instant message option or email us with your feedback.


the same principles apply to this as does Twitter and Facebook. These are followers that we have created to boost your numbers. THEY ARE NOT REAL! These followers are only to be used as an assist in your promotional campaign. If you do not understand why, please read the description under “Get Twitter Service”
*note, you may order in quantity, use the add to cart function and change the quantity amount before checkout is complete. please allow 12 hours for your order to be processed and 48 hours for you order to be complete. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR ACCOUNT IS PUBLIC.


Instagram Followers
please add Instagram @name


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