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**due to the high volume of orders, once your order is received, it will take 24-48 hours for your order to be processed and 7-10 days for your order to be filled per 1,000 views unless you are ordering fast service**
–effective immediately, all views unless USA ONLY views will have a very low audience retention rate. If you value the audience retention part of the service use USA ONLY views–


Get real United States ONLY YouTube Views. Best used if you want to get your video ranked on Youtube and Google. These views are targeted and they come from real people in the United States. As you look at your Youtube video analytics, your video views are rated and judged on authenticity by these viewers. These views that we provide through this service are ALL from viewers in the United States of America AND they show a staggered 90% to 60% to 30% Audience Retention rate (as shown in your YouTube Analytics. Most of out competitors are offering views that are purely bot driven. We offer views that are redirect and social media referred. Both of these views show a 100% to 0% Retention level. We recommend that you use a mixture of both to show in your analytics that the views are diverse and show some retention. (*note, your retention rate is ONLY seen by you but the audience age, sex and placement is seen by anyone if your numbers are made public; just hit the bar beside your video view count. THIS IS WHAT A&R AND OTHER MUSIC EXECUTIVES LOOK AT FIRST!. If you live in the United States and you make music here in the United States, this new service add a validity to your views since they are all coming from the United States.


USA ONLY YouTube Views
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(**note, all Social Media clients are confidential. It is our motto to keep the privacy of the client a top priority. We do not divulge the videos, Facebook & Twitter Accounts or websites that pay for traffic. do not bother asking**)

*****Social Media Pricing*****

(all views are confidential and real)
Are your YouTube video marketing efforts failing to get attention? This can happen when you create a video and try to get it viewed manually. Most people often have to spend hours making a video and putting it up on YouTube. Once done, the only thing they can do is hope people see it. Now you can take the questionability out of the process by buying YouTube views instantly! These views can give you enough of a head start to make your video go viral and bring you the immense amount of web traffic you need. When you purchase YouTube views you get 100% real views. These are delivered to any video you choose, and come from active users within YouTube. When you buy YouTube views you promote you video right from the get go.
Also, using us will speed up the process of Revenue Sharing and YouTube contacting you in reference to placing ads on your video.

****all social media prices include a 100% cash-back return****

Upon ordering, your order will be placed in our queue for processing. (You will receive an email receipt from our verified PayPal account)
You will receive a separate email from us once your order begins processing. Upon processing, your view counter will begin to increase gradually.
On average, it takes a YouTube counter 4-8 hours to update depending on the views that need to be registered. If we begin processing at 12:00 pm in the afternoon, you will NOT see these view in your counter until 6-8 hours after that.

You can now order in quantity!! Once you hit “Add to Cart” you will be taken to our official Paypal page where you can edit the quantity to the amount that you would like to order.


UnTargeted YouTube Views
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Get Super Fast YouTube Views

10,000 views delivered within 24-48 hours for $50

Fast views delivered at a rate of 5k-10k per DAY


SuperFast YouTube Views
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