***HHEMG EXCLUSIVE: Jor’Dan Armstrong – Stronger CD Review @WheresJor_Dan

Jor’Dan Armstrong is a beast.

I am not sure if any of you have had the chance to listen to the new CD “Stronger” from Jor’Dan; I have added a link of the actual CD leak below for you to listen before you buy it.

We have had the pleasure of reviewing a few of Jor’Dan’s other releases in the past and you can find them here: http://hiphopencounter.com/?p=17961

Let me begin this review right from the start by saying that the production on this ENTIRE project is stellar. The Good Guys have put together a winning project sure to excite the gospel youth and Hip Hop fan alike.

This was not an easy CD to listen to….quickly.

See I have this very serious problem. Once I find a song that I like, I play it FOREVER and right off the rip, track one had me going for at least 2 days.

See a lot of you say you “down for the cause” but if God called, would you really fight for him on the frontline or would you be in the back trying to direct traffic? This track really exemplifies the essence and plight of Hip Hop music based in the Gospel. It’s not easy to do Gospel and it is even harder to do Gospel Hip Hop but to do it, to do it well and then to do it in spite of the constant criticism coming from all different directions is something that not many people are apt to do. Jor’Dan Armstrong does it well and “I’m Down” is my anthem. Great productions, awesome features and the mixing on this track are flawless. Here are a few other tracks that stood out (almost all of them)

“Alibi” is a cool track, very trendy and modern and extremely catchy.

“Stay Clean” is another one that took a few days to get past. This is definitely one that I can hear on both gospel and mainstream radio. I even caught myself dancing to this one and I can’t dance AT ALL!

“What You’re Made Of” there are some songs that you listen to and you not only hear the words but you believe the message. Jor’Dan has the rare talent of conveying that message in such a way with his vocals that it attacks your soul. The production goes up and down and if it reflects the emotional state of most people and when it climaxes Jor’Dan delivers stellar vocals to accompany the award winning level music production. This track is by far the most moving track on the CD with the most relativity to “us”. Took me at least a few days to get past this one.

Ok who wants to praise the Lord and dance at the same time? Do you feel a certain way when you do that? You shouldn’t, just let the music speak to your soul and let your body ‘do what it do’.

“So In Love” and the CDs first official single release “Love If You Wanna” are some great examples of what modern gospel sounds like. It does not have to be these old hymnals of us “stompin in the aisles of the church”, it can and it should reflect the times and attract all sorts to the word of God. These are Dubstep/House mixed tracks and I LOVE ‘EM!

I am not sure if Jor’Dan or the producer on the track is a fan of Prince or not but when I heard this track, I instantly felt a connection. Not only in song structure but in lyric composition as well. And I’m not talking about “the symbol Prince”; I am talking about old school, When Doves Cry Purple Rain Prince. The song is very moving and a brilliant example of the versatility of the Good Guys and Jor’Dan Armstrong.

If you are going through some things in life or if you know someone who is, get them to listen to “Hands”. If you have never heard an artist give their soul to their music and hear the truth of their conviction in the performance then you are in for a treat. I can hear the tears in the music. All of us have gone through it where sometimes we just want to throw our hands up in frustration. Instead of doing it in frustration, do it in praise. We all struggle and quite honestly, we will all continue to do so; it’s what life is about…the struggle. But don’t give up, lift your hands. There may be times where you are truly falling and you throw up your hands in hopes of catching on something…God will catch you.  Took me about a week to get past this one.

I like hearing Jor’Dan display his vocals and the title track “Stronger” is a great display of his impeccable control. The warmth in his voice is genuine and speaks to you in such a way that you not only relate from one person to the next but he conveys his message in the music using ‘perfect’ tone.

Overall I thought this project was just as good or slightly better than the Jesus Beats and Fashion Mix CD. Tell a friend to tell a friend that this music needs to be heard.

Please be sure to leave some sort of feedback with the artist on his Twitter or Facebook pages (links listed below).

If Jor’Dan in what is now then the current state of music and Gospel Hip Hop in general has a bright future.


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