Now That’s Some Bullshit: @_KEOnTheTrack At It Again @Gmomo2012

*apologies for the video but the owner of the video has made the link private. In the video he stated how he paid KE on the Track for a feature with 2 Chainz and KE then sold that feature to someone else. Since the promo for this story started, @Gmomo2012 has received the money he paid back. In addition to that, he changed his twitter name and actually made the video above private. I do not want to make this seem like some vendetta against KE, it isnt. This site exposes bad business and it just so happens that this guy has a reputation for conducting bad business. I have reached out to him and his people and they did not reply to any inquiries. @Gmomo2013 is the new name and it seems the video will remain private. looks a little fishy to me but i cant control the actions of others
To read about prior issues with K.E. on the Track go here:

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