Now That’s Some Bullshit: Scammed by fake Universal Music Group rep Rachel “Stef” Polony & Jose Coutour @TrevorProject @IAMJCOUTOUR @umg @josecoutour

This story is true and told from my perspective.

This does not in any way reflect the mission of the Trevor Project or the other artist and representatives at Universal Music Group.

A few weeks ago, I received a mysterious phone call.

Richard/Ricardo was on the other end and he was asking where his twitter followers were that he purchased for a client. He said that he purchased 1 million followers for $1,000. that is the price that is listed on the website:

I told him I had no idea what he was talking about that he needed to forward me his receipt and I will then add the followers.

He told me he would have his manager call me.

A few hours later this lady called me; enter Rachel Polony

Here is a screenshot of her Twitter. It is a pretty good  chance that this is not only her real name but also not even her picture. She stated that she was with Universal Music Group…CEO actually and that she was calling on behalf of her client, Jose Coutour. I checked out the profile and Jose was affiliated with the Trevor Project. I am definitely in support of the Trevor Project 1000%. Anything we can do to help our youth is beneficial but this guy is complete trash…more on that later.

For 2 days we went back and forth with phone conversations about where her followers were for her client. All I asked was where was the receipt. I use paypal. Paypal doesn’t make those mistakes.


After finally getting frustrated I agreed to add the followers on the premise of getting paid later once the payment dispute was resolved.

Here is the account in question, it just happened to belong to a musician. I took this screenshot after I had already begun working this account. The account started at 200k.

Once I started working the account, I began to do a little research.

Turns out that Rachel Polony is NOT affiliated with Universal Music Group AT ALL.

In addition to that, the people over at Universal Music Group that I do know, didn’t even know who Jose Coutour was.

A few more days past and I am still waiting for the purchase to be settled. In the meantime, the Twitter account is about to receive it’s millionth follower from me.

Rachel also calls about possibly doing a retweeting service for the account. I stated that I will do it just to show that it can be done. Here is a screenshot of the actual successful retweeting service.

A few more days have past and now I am like “where is my money”. Especially after hearing from actual people at Universal stating that they didn’t know who she or he was. After I received a final call from a longtime client I decided to begin retracting followers; yes, what I give, I can also take back.

I begin subtracting followers and I get a call from Rachel saying that she is going to get fired due to the removal of the followers and that Jose would be calling me to talk to me personally.

I said ok.

Jose calls from 4 different numbers.

Each time he states how he is with Universal, he is scared that his account would get deleted and that he doesn’t want to look bad to his fans.

My response was…”where is my money”.

A day goes by and I hear nothing.

Then I get another call from Jose saying that his Twitter has been deleted.

I check the account page and it states it can “not be found”. Apparently the account name had been changed to XjosecoutourX and they were telling me it was deleted…but I played along.

Eventually someone created another @josecoutour page. Jose stated that he spoke with Twitter and that they created him a new account and that the other account would be deleted. He then asked me to add followers to the @josecoutour page to make sure that the followers would stick. I gave him the followers that he has now.


Here is where the things get interesting AGAIN:

These people are so dumb it amazes me how they walk and talk at the same time. I know where my followers are. I know when an account is deactivated, inactive, deleted or even a name change happens.

I have been tolerating this whole scenario to see how long and how far these scammers were going to go and I am at the point now that I don’t care who gets deleted.

Jose/Rachel/Richard have since blocked me from following accounts as if I can’t see them from the inside out. Dumb asses, you have 700k of my followers, you can NOT hide from me.

Here is what is going to happen…

One day, when things are all cozy and life is good. When someone needs to take an important meeting with someone official, because Jose is actually a singer…video below

I am going to delete every single follower on this account AT ONCE. If you get deleted, great cause chances are you will be banned from Twitter and they don’t just block emails, the block IP addresses.

I hope and pray that this type of shady behavior is not an indicator of the business that the Trevor Project does since he is affiliated and is seen in video with them.

I know that this isn’t a reflection of the type of business that Universal Music Group does but I do know that they use independent contractors sometime…I sincerely doubt that this woman and her group of scammers are real and that they have actual communications with Universal. If they do, I feel sorry for their clients.

These people are bad people. All I wanted was an honest answer and I never got it, now I’m not going to wait for Karma to come. Yes one day I will remove my followers, no matter how many times you change your name, deactivate your account or lame excuse you give.

You guys brought this on yourself.

If there are ANY youths out there that believed this guy to be genuine, I apologize for the inconvenient but from what I am getting from them is that this is all a game to them. I get the irony in the situation. Someone scammed a scammer, funny. But had this communication been different from the very beginning, things would have ended differently. I run my own organization that helps youth. I believe that troubled youth need to be helped but NOT from someone like this. If they are doing this in their professional life, lord knows what lies and deeds are happening away from this with these kids.

Trevor Project, I apologize for the mention but the guilt is only by association. I wish I had written about your organization a different way.

To date: Jose has stopped calling, my main account @hiphopencounter is blocked on Jose’s accounts and I STILL have not received any emails.

I hope someone in the industry Google’s Jose Coutour and finds this article and realizes what type of person he is.

11/13/2012 1:00 update – Since this posted and has been retweeted over 2k times and the post viewed over 1k, there is now a name change @jose_coutour has now changed his name to @jcrealmusic ; you can expect more to come

11/26/2012: Quick update. I have had a few conversations with someone saying that they were Jose and we came to the agreement that the account above would not be used and that this post would be removed from the internet. He claimed over and over that the account had been deleted but i knew it was a lie but i was playing along still, just to see how far the lies would go. I don’t know why it is so hard for them to understand that I see my accounts. If an account would be deleted, I would know because my accounts would become unattached but since they are not still, i will always be able to find them. I have given them more and more chances to come clean, pay me for the followers/service and yet i keep getting lie after lie and now i will not entertain ANY more conversations. The world MUST know that these are liars. One of the fundamentals of being a “bad” person is the level of (or lack thereof) of trust and liars can NOT be trusted. Any label looking to sign this character should know the risk. I am not making this up, this is all completely true. If anyone is trying to do business with this Polony character, they are fake. Hustlers come in all shapes, sizes and ethnic groups; be careful with anyone over there.

Notice the tweets. Apparently in the days between our conversation, he deleted his tweets to make it look like a new account. How dumb. The old account blocked me and as you can see in this photo, it still says i am blocked. In addition to that, i am following him from a few accounts that ONLY have him as a “following”. When they deactivated it, the count went back to zero but when it was reactivated, it again showed following 1. I guess since they deleted the old tweets it would not verify that it was the same account but there are still other ways to find them not disclosed in this post.

I am done playing their little game, let’s play by my rules now.

11/28/2012 Update: I talked with Jose and outside of making more unrealisitic threats he once again made more promises. He stated that he sent me an email asking to use the twitter account days before it went back active so i asked him to forward it to me since emails can be used in court as legal documents since they posses time stamps that can not be faked. HE DID NOT SEND IT. He also stated that he was going to make a video interview to at least tell his side of the story and possibly clear his name up, I AM STILL WAITING ON THAT VIDEO. and now, i am getting random tweets and IMs from people stating that i am bullying him, lol. Really? I have been more than fair with him and his fake people at UMG. I am tolerated way more than i normally do from liars and theives and now he is sending CHILDREN to fight for him. WHAT KIND OF PERSON IS THIS?

Here is the conversation i had today:

[Proactive Message: Thanks for visting our site. Is there I can do to help? ]
Message: i cant bealieve this post you are a bully!
You are the only operator currently logged in.
livechat1 is online.
Sent at 11:46 AM on Wednesday
fletcher: really
livechat1: [You are now the chat owner.]
fletcher: can u not read?
or did someone send you hear to say that
livechat1: im looking through it and jose was very nice and helped me when i needed im posting your site on my twitter and facebook and reporting it.
your a bully! and mean
fletcher: u should probably actually read
it is never ok for anyone to lie and lie and lie
if you think that is ok, then you are a loser too
livechat1: im a 14 year old girl and you are calling me a loser
fletcher: well that explains it lol
livechat1: im screen shoting this.
fletcher: i asked u to read and u didnt
ur basing this off of a relationship u already have with jose so u r bias
livechat1: your mean like perez hilton. hes just trying to help people.
fletcher: know the facts before you start calling names
if u r not gong to read then yes you are a loser
fyi…this entire conversation will be added to the website
livechat1: good people can see what a big meany you are!
[Visitor has left or closed the session.]
Sent at 12:01 PM on Wednesday

Do NOT think for one second that this will stop me, in fact it just adds more fuel to the fire. How is it I am being a bully when all i want is justice. This type of person should not be helping people in need. Can you imagine the advice that he is giving them? He definitely doesnt need a record deal. For him to get in any position of power would be an enormous mistake. Then he would be allowed to give millions of people the same polluted and misguided direction. After all of our conversations, i am 1000% confident that he KNEW about the UMG fake people all along and he also helped with the scam. IF he didnt, that’s a big if, then can not be given a pass for sitting idle while they did what they did, and once he found out about the scam, he did nothing to correct it.

also found this today:



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