#WeeklyAddress – Whitney And Mental Slavery

#WeeklyAddress – Whitney And Mental Slavery – #teamdopesauce By @DavidEBeats


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I think that our generation is one of the first to finally start to throw off the shackles of this feeling of oppression and worthlessness, and really take life by the reins.


The White House Band – Innovating Hip Hop/Rock

The White House Band [WHB for short] is an urban rock project by David E Beats. David E Beats is the vocalist/songwriter/producer and only official member of WHB. Sometimes he may hire a band to tour with but there are times he will tour solo. Live he utilizes light shows and fog for effect. He plays guitar and raps simultaneously, rapping like a young Jay-Z and playing guitar like Jimi Hendrix. WHB is recommended if you like Nine Inch Nails, Kanye West, Gym Class Heroes, Rage Against The Machine, Mettalica, and Danger Mouse.

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