Who is Reality Tv Star Tashera Simmons? @tasherasimmons

Tashera Jamilia Draughn was born in New York, New York April 10, 1971 and is the eldest of 8 children. In 1978 her Panamanian born mother and Brooklyn born father moved her and her siblings to a New York City suburb Yonkers, New York. Although Yonkers was to be a better place to live than the drug filled Manhattan , NY; things where very difficult for the Draughn family.

In 1985 Tashera and her siblings where abandoned due to her parents struggles with stress and drugs, leaving Tashera to become the maternal figure while attending school and working odd jobs off the books to support her siblings. In 1989 after graduating Lincoln H.S. in Yonkers, NY she started dating, childhood friend and future husband, Earl Simmons (Def Jam recording artist DMX). Against most friends and family opinion about the “Dark Man X”, Tashera stayed with Simmons until they got married in late 1998 after the rappers 2nd major deal with Def Jam debut album “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot.”


In Tashera’s own words, she explains “Marriage is complicated, and it’s even harder under the scrutiny of flashing camera lights, the media, and fans. Raising seven siblings was character building, but it did not prepare me for what my life would eventually become. Faith kept me by my husband’s side every step of the way and it has also changed me. As a celebrity wife, it is easy become enthralled by the glitz and glamour and get lost in the entrapments of fame. Success has afforded us the best of everything. However, along with the wealth came the struggles. The relationship we once shared quietly became a public spectacle. The exposure started to become overwhelming as I desperately searched for any semblance of normalcy. My desire was to get away from the judgments, criticism, and harassment. It was like watching our lives on the big screen unable to predict the next scene. As Earl’s popularity increased, tribulations escalated.”

After over twenty years together, four children, and massive success, Tashera has decided to separate from DMX and move forward to focus on her family and independence. “Many have their opinions, some even say I should retreat, but God has given me the strength and I have far more to learn. While this process is a strenuous one, I will only become wiser and more refined. Life as I once knew it has been long gone, replaced by the fast paced, cumbersome walk down celebrity road.”


Currently, Tashera is in the process of filming a reality show titled “Starter Wives” as well as starting the non-profit foundation “Women of Strength”. Women of Strength is a foundation that dedicates its time and resources for women and children who lives have been affected by drug abuse, abandonment, and other social conflicts. Our goals are to shelter and guide them to a new start in life by providing workshops that focus on the mental rehabilitation needed to re-enter society. Woman of all ethnic backgrounds, religions and social classes can benefit from Women of Strength nationally and internationally. Pregnant teens, runaway woman, and domestic abuse victims can find open arms and a place of hope at the woman of strength foundation




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