Best Indie Hits 3 Track / Artist by @DjCellBlock

As usually we give the chance to one artist / group to get a FREE slot on the next INDIE HITS MIXTAPE.
This month’s PRIZE WINNER is #06 Yo B#%£h Love Me by BIG BANG & WIZ KHALIFA.

To get your track on the next INDIE HITS MIXTAPE go to and hit the SUBMISSIONS button.

Please do not submit tracks if you’re not serious about getting a slot on the next Indie Hits Mixtape. For more informations or if you just wanna ask us something, hit us up at and we will get in touch with you in less then 24h.
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* Posted to all Coast 2 Coast Twitter Accounts with 100,000+ followers & twitter partners with 500,000+ followers.
* Tweeted / Retweeted 2000+ times.
* 20.000+ views

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