HHE, Ridin Durty and DJ Goldfinger presents

Are you looking to get radio airplay?

Want to be a part of a growing brand AND an iconic DJ?

Do you need a little extra promo?

If you answered yes to those 3 questions, then you are in the right place…

Hip Hop Encounter

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Ridin Durty Radio

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and Legendary DJ

DJ Goldfinger


the Ridin Durty Mix CD Series


  • You, the artist, get to submit your track for radio airplayon 89.3 fm WRFG Ruff, Rugged & Raw  segment  Ridin Durty Radio (10yr on radio) hosted by DJ Big VicXL
  • You, the artsit, get your song added to the mix CD series and mixed by one of the greatest DJs EVER; DJ Goldfinger
  • Artist are limited to ONLY 1 submission per month
  • All submissions with a video will be automatically inserted into the series and immediately added to both www.HipHopEncounter.com AND www.RidinDurtyTv.com
  • All songs will be mixed (minimum 2 minutes played)
  • All mix CDs will be sponsored on Datpiff for easy access to stream and download for your fans.
  • Each artist chosen will get Heavy Twitter Promo for all links submitted in addition to the promotions for the mix CD and their individual song.

Submission Guidelines (What We Need):

  • There is a $100 song submission minimum ($150 for song AND video)
  • All submission must include social media links (if you do not have accounts there, we recommend that you create accounts) for Twitter, Facebook Fanpage, Instagram and Youtube)
  • All submissions must be in by the last day of the month to be included in the next mix CD

As an award for being selected, each participant will receive the following (What You Get):

  • Radio Interview on 89.3 fm WRFG Ruff, Rugged & Raw  segment  Ridin Durty Radio
  • Radio airplay of specified track on 89.3 fm WRFG Ruff, Rugged & Raw  segment  Ridin Durty Radio
  • Song added to 24 hour internet radio station on www.RidinDurtyRadio.com
  • 1000 Twitter followers added to your account (courtesy of www.PimpMyViral.com)
  • 1000 Instagram followers added to your account (courtesy of www.PimpMyViral.com)
  • 1000 Facebook Likes added to your account (courtesy of www.PimpMyViral.com)
  • 1 ReTweet from @hiphopencounter account (minimum 5000 ReTweets) concerning the project (courtesy of www.PimpMyViral.com)
  • Mentioned in all postings in reference to the project on other blog sites
  • Mix CD will be virally placed on a different website every day, all with the same links redirecting or playing the link from Datpiff, the month that it is released
  • 10 physical copies of the mix CD
  • Special invite to the mix CD release party (monthly) *location TBA
  • Exclusive Datpiff promotions sending traffic to the mix CD
  • *all videos will receive 10,000 Real USA ONLY views with high retention (courtesy of www.PimpMyViral.com)

Ridin Durty/Goldfinger Mix CD

Get your crew to do a special edition of the mix CD series.
Previous rules do NOT apply, with this package, you can have as many people on this mix that you like.
The same promo applies, each participant will receive the same awards listed above.

Special Edition of Ridin Durty Mix CD

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