Digital Waxx 2.0 | J Dash | Transformer

Artist(s): J Dash
Title: Transformer 
Producer(s): J Dash 
Time: 3:31 
Label: StereoFame Records 
Album: New Album “TABLOID TRUTH” Available Now!! 
Available Versions:
  • J Dash – Transformer (Clean)
  • J Dash – Transformer (Big City Remix) (Clean)
  • J Dash – Transformer (Instrumental)
  • J Dash – WOP (Clean)
  • J Dash – WOP (Club Remix) (Clean)
  • J Dash – WOP (Kid Kamillion Remix) (Clean)
  • J Dash – WOP (Instrumental)
  • J Dash – WOP (Acapella) 
J. Dash is a piano prodigy who performed for the Jacksonville Symphony at age 5. By the time he was 8 years old, this classically trained pianist loved to play Mozart for his family and friends. Throughout his teens, however, he cut his teeth playing in various blues and jazz bands. A rapper, songwriter, producer, mixer & multi-instrumentalist, this Renaissance man also holds a degree in computer science from the University of Florida. “When I come across something I like, I want to learn everything about it and really understand it,” Jay says of his diverse musical tastes.

The world of hip-hop holds a special place in his heart. “When I was growing up in the South, hip-hop was kind of dangerous. It was music that I wasn’t supposed to be listening to. I would sneak out of the house to go see some underground show…and it just became part of my soul.” Although having already amassed an impressive collection of material over the years, J. Dash’s pulse-pounding dance hit, “WOP,” is creating quite a buzz The single, the ringtone and the music video have been charting every week on the iTunes Top 100 Hip-Hop Charts. In fact, the official music video featuring J. Dash’s friend and major label rapper Flo Rida, along with several other Official “WOP” videos have over 5 million views on YouTube and have driven almost 100,000 sales on iTunes alone this year. “The WOP was a dance that me and my friends grew up doing, but we never had a name for it. I thought it looked like we were wopping and the name stuck (meaning With Out Prejudice).” Ken Underwood, the founder of StereoFame, the record label that signed J. Dash, believes that WOP breaks social, economic and cultural barriers. “If music is a universal language, then WOP is the universal dance.”

To put a new spin on an old-school marketing concept of a guerilla-style street teams formed to post flyers and stickers, J. Dash is hitting the cyber streets by creating the first ever YouTube Street Team, and the strategy is proving to be a surprising success. The secret is a unique marketing plan aimed at encouraging fans to become part of a virtual street team. The street team members are taught how to post their own YouTube WOP videos utilizing annotations (banners embedded in the video) to drive sales of the music at iTunes and to use Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word Of course, he also encourages his street team to call radio stations and everyone who plays music, from band directors to dance teams, to play the WOP. “The more you say it, the more they’ll play it,” J. exclaims in his Youtube Street Team video.

The WOP single and ringtone are available for download on iTunes at & the new WOP (Club Mix) just dropped August 9th, 2011. It is available for download on iTunes at

Stay tuned; Details on J. Dash’s next single, Transformer featuring Laudie J., and his upcoming album release,Tabloid Truth, are coming soon.

Label Contact Information:
TC Thompkins
Phone: tel:281-903-7590

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