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Artist: Chuck Taylor
Producer: Tha Hit Team
Song: “YOU HEARD!”
Version: Radio
Beats Per Minute: 75 Kbps: 320

General Comments: New Music from Chuck Taylor – “You Heard” produced by Tha Hit Team. DJs & Radio Stations are giving huge feedback on this track! DJs send your feedback & dropscript​s today. “YOU HEARD”
DJs & Radio Stations are giving huge comments on this track!
WIIZ – Music Director, Fred Nice “Yo yo what u heard by Chuck Taylor will put yo speakers on steroids!”
WEUP – Jo Ski “OK! Hot homie that’s gonna smash!”
WPWX – Music Director, Baam “You Got One!”
WBHJ – CJ Tha Sticman “Rec is Hot!”
WHXT – H-Dub “Let’s go this Chuck Taylor record is big”
WOWI – DJ Karee “Cool rec this one is going to go!”
WJBT – Dr. Doom “Good rec Chuck Taylor”
LIVE365.com – Homer Blow “Im supporting this Chuck Taylor record heavy !!”
WZMX – DJ KG “Nice! Chuck Taylor is pretty fast with the rhymes !”
WOWI – DJ Jack of Spade “Cool rec!!! in the mix this weekend!!!”
WBTP – DJ Sandman “Peace… big record playa!”
KPRR – Slo Motion “This chuck taylor record Goes Hard !!!!!!”
WBTJ – DJ Big Regg “Super Dope Fly record by Chuck Taylor !!!!!!”
Contact: Management
Company: Wide World The Label
eMail: ChuckTaylorLive@gmail.com
Website: http://www.chuckTaylorLive.com

Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/ChuckTaylorLive

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