Now That’s Some Bullshit: Vere Johns @IAMTalentAgency @kmichelle Equals Fake Bookings & Stolen Money

I have had my fair share of bullshit.

In fact, I am over my quota.

It’s like I am attracting the bullshit.

Today’s installment of “Now that’s some bullshit” is no different.

I periodically get email and text blast from other booking agents because I like being up-to-date with offers. Every now and then I will come across a deal that is just too good to pass up (considering that it is actually valid and real) so I will begin to shop it to potential buyers.

velvet hammer (2)

Back-story: I have had a not so pleasant experience being the 3rd party in booking deals. I was burnt in a deal with Brea Reliford and Meek Mill as she was working for With me being in the middle and making sure everything went by the book but the bullshit was in, she was a thief, the club ended up suing me and she took over $15,000 and never returned it back to the client.

With that said, I have since looked for a legit booking company to actually work under to coordinate bookings through.

Velvet Hammer is legit, I am licenses and bonded but to have a name attached to you in this industry holds more weight than you just saying “I’m an agent”.

So when Vere hit me, I presented him with an option to work on a partnership level. I book under you and in return I will do viral promotions for the bookings. I was in the midst of solidifying that deal when the bullshit came out.


I got a text about an offer from Vere involving K Michelle at $5-$7500 from Elliott Vere Johns, co-owner of I Am Talent Agency. This agency is in charge of managing and directing the careers of King Los and Tashera Simmons (wife of DMX). The deal was an incredible deal considering I had just inquired about booking K Michelle and the going rate was almost doubles that.


So I began soliciting offers, taking for granted that the actual source of the deal was real.


Rich, from Fort Wayne, asked me via text if I had any deals so, of course, I presented the K Michelle deal to him. In the meantime, Vere tells me that he has since booked K Michelle for 2 other dates so the actual booking would be $5k instead of $7500 and that we could split the difference since the contract had already been drawn up. I did not see a problem with that.


I had switched my site to show the partnership with I Am Talent and Velvet Hammer in anticipation of a long and fruitful partnership.

Here comes the fuckery…

Vere sent me the contracts to prepare for Rich to get K Michelle and Jon B as the opening act. Listed below (eventually Jon B fell off the deal).


Screen shot 2013-05-24 at 12.00.36 AM

Red Flag #1:

The name of the company is NOT the name of the website. I should have paused then because what he has listed with Wells Fargo is something completely different. That site no longer exist. WHY? Probably because of some other fraudulent bookings.

Red Flag #2:

I have a direct contact with K Michelle myself. I think he is a friend of hers. I mentioned to him that I was looking to book her for that date and he said she is already booked. I asked him was he sure and he said he was positive. I let it pass because from the time it spent for the contract to be confirmed on the artist end, the date could have been sold off, so it was a “wait and see” sort of ordeal.


By this time, I am slowly removing myself from being the middleman again, just incase this is some bullshit like before. I passed on direct contacts with Vere to Rich and vice versa, plus I made sure that my name was not on ANYTHING as far as liability. I was not risking my bond on someone else’s shenanigans.


Days went by…

The deal was sealed and a good faith deposit was sent to hold the date from the client.

My immediate thought was “how can a deposit of good faith are sent on a date that is not available?” ANOTHER RED FLAG!!

At this time, I picked up the phone and called K Michelle’s people directly and sure enough, that date had been booked and was no longer available.

I then called Vere to inform him that the date was gone and he told me to “hold off on telling the client” RED FLAG! And that “since he book multiple dates, Rich could pick an alternate date.”

That last statement did not sit too well with me.

I try to operate with some level of integrity.

I then pick up the phone and have a come to Jesus meeting with Rich and told him that he needs to take every precaution with this because there are a few things that do not make sense, I asked him to be careful and keep me updated on how things were going.

It took days for the contract to finally be complete. Giving the average time to finish a transaction and confirmation with bookings, this took 5 days too many and still the word is…the date belongs to Rich from Vere to Rich.

In the meantime, all communication from Vere to ME goes quiet.


Because the full deposit had cleared of $5 plus and now he is living it up with the client’s money.

He knows I know it’s bullshit.

Around the 4th day of stalling from Vere and Rich hitting me with constant updates and asking me what’s going on, I just said “I don’t want to be updated any longer”.

I then sent Vere a nice-nasty email stating that our partnership was over and that I want ZERO dealings with him and his company…no reply of course.

Now we are 10 days into the deal and Vere is still insisting to Rich that the date belongs to him…I told Rich to research it. He did and he found that she was booked in Louisiana on that date, exactly what her official agent stated to me…hmmm.

He sent that to Vere and he stated that a mix up could have happened but rest assured, since we have a relationship with them, he can select another date.


What relationship?….

You just stated days ago that the date was his.

You had the client send in a good faith deposit to hold the date.

You had the client send the full deposit to book the talent.

You had the client wire, sign, and fax and does all of this paperwork in preparation of a date knowing damn well, it was all a lie.

I don’t know how some people live with themselves.

How can you go through life doing this to people?

How can you look at yourself in the morning and feel good about what you have done?

Rich had already booked the venue, prepared flyers and even took meetings with radio in anticipation of having the event…all based on the false dealings and misrepresentations of one evil man.

And to think, I was 1 step away from booking that $40k Kendrick Lamar offer for a college through them…that would have been a huge mistake.


This is why the game is so fucked up.

People like this deserve to die.

These types of people should be shipped to some remote island and forced to fend for themselves away from society.

These sorts of people will get Karma back 10 fold and it will be entertaining.


So now what?

Well, this is where I snitch.

Rich and his investor have my full cooperation.

Vere is probably thinking he is getting away Scott free but his flaw is he actually represents artist.

The best way to get to him is through them.

Now all he has to do is book one of them, get their banking info and completely freeze those accounts.

Rich has the opportunity and right to sue for the max of what he would have made at the event, damages, suffering, etc etc. That $5k has now turned into a $50k+ liability and I am 1000% sure that they are not insured.

He has my full backing of whatever he decides to do.

People like this MUST be stopped.


There was no official advertising or marketing about the event yet but Rich did do his due diligence and survey the market to see who the people wanted to see and with an overwhelming result, the people said K Michelle. Now, due to one man and his evil company, they will not get to partake in enjoying one of the best voices to come along in R&B in a very long time.

Shame on you. I Am Talent…This is NOT a good look.



Click to access KMICHELLE-092813-FORTWAYNE.pdf

potential flyer


Update: 10/10/2013

Since this post was published I have been contacted by Joshua Armah, stating that he is the actual owner of I Am Talent and that Vere (Everitt) Johns  was no longer doing business under the name of I Am Talent; BUT after speaking with Richard, it seems that the initial deposits were never returned.

In addition to that, Joshua requested that the name of I Am Talent be removed from this posting in order to protect the company name. I stated that that choice/decision would come from Richard since his name, brand and integrity has also taken a hit, as well as HIS pockets due to him owing the investor the money back. Although I have left that decision up to Richard, I am not that sure I will remove, alter or edit ANY of the above due to the manipulation of the truth by Vere Johns acting on behalf of I Am Talent during this whole scenario. Had I not connected the two, then I would have been legally liable for that money because I was the original middle man in this whole scenario. I’m not all that confident that things will end well.

Money is still missing and random people are calling me asking me about this post as if they have the same issues with the same person.

This has to stop.

And this industry is so fucked up that when it goes on this much, it becomes the norm. which is sad because someone is eating real good right now off of stolen money. Money that had no intent on being placed in the proper hands to get a task accomplished.

How can these people sleep at night?

God why do you allow this to happen?

smh at people lately…

Update 12/13/2013:

as of 12/13 both Richard and I have received various phone calls from representatives from I Am Talent. Once I gather more evidence I will post all relevant information.

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