Now That’s Some Bullshit: Walt Reeder Entertainment are scam artist! @AugustAlsina bad booking! STAY AWAY!

These are troubling times…

As some of you know, I hate bullshit.

Unnecessary bullshit that can be prevented and diverted is the worst bullshit of all.

This one is touchy for me because I actually tried to do the right thing in this situation.

I have had similar issues in the past with other bad agents. See the previous Now That’s Some Bullshit postings.


A few weeks ago, a client called me about booking August Alsina. As an up-and-coming booking agent I did the first thing that I was supposed to do, reaching out to the artist representation about possibly securing the talent.

…here comes the ninjas…

I am not sure what the hell they are doing these days with actually training managers on proper protocol but these artist have to get the right people in place because their careers depend on it.

I sent a booking inquiry and booking request and an official offer sheet to the proper channel  ( at least 7 times and I did not get a single reply. Now I am a huge fan of August’s music, just like I am a fan of Trinidad James (past issues too) but these guys have some bad managerial processes in place. Def Jam sucks for allowing this to happen; but they don’t care. They just want the artist to keep making them money, everything else is secondary right?, smh. Typical industry BS.

Here is the actual offer that was sent numerous times!

To August’s management: are you doing it that big that you do not have to at least reply to an email and provide legit agents (such as myself) with some sort of closure? A simple yes or no would do.

Weeks went by and I got NOTHING! I even reached out on Twitter and still got nothing. The Twitter in question was through my actual booking company Velvet Hammer Booking: @vlvthmmrbooking.

At least a couple weeks went by with ZERO contact and then I got this eblast in my email, some of you have probably seen it too:


I had sent Walt a few other clients in reference to some after party bookings before so in a way, we already had a working relationship. I immediately picked up the phone and asked how much August Alsina was and he quoted me a price. I passed that info along to the client.

After I got off the phone with Walt, I texted my client and stated that he should call Walt directly to work out a deal since it was “apparent” that he had a working relationship with him because he was posting flyers in anticipation of booking him.

The client agreed to contact him and to my knowledge that deal was taken care of.

….Fast forward to Monday 11/04/2013.

The client calls me and asks me what’s up with Walt?

I asked, “What are you talking about? I thought your deal was done?” The client continues to go on to state that Walt was supposed to send back the refund a few weeks ago and he was still waiting on the refund. I asked, “why was a refund being issued” and he went on to state that there were some issues with the date and/or club and it was no longer going to happen. We then went on with more particulars about the event and how the money was supposed to be in back in his account at least 3-4 times already. Which is why the client called me?

Now, today…I get a 3-way call with the owner of the venue on the other end (it was actually his money that was sent) and I am getting threats for something I had nothing to do with.

I have been in the middle of bad bookings before.

Janky promoters, janky booking agents, they are all the same.

This industry is full of this type of bullshit, which is why I started my own companies to combat the bullshit and do business with a legit business approach; not do nigga-business.

Well after getting cussed out and threatened, I felt the need to at least make others aware that the fuckery is still in full force and that people need to stay away from other people that do bad business.

I called Walt personally and he stated that there would be a refund on 11/07/2013. That did not happen. I have people I don’t know with a situation that I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH calling me with threats.

UPDATE: as of 12:30 pm, 11/8/2013 the refund still has not been issued. Walt stated it would be returned by Thursday evening. He also stated that he was waiting for August people to release the funds back to him. Per the client, he stated that he finally reached August’s people and they stated that they NEVER received any funds from Walt in relation to this event.

This is where I draw the line.

I deliberately sent the client to the other agent because I don’t trust other agents.

I’ve been burnt before, it will never happen again.

When I sent the client to the other agent, I was clear at stating that this is on you. Hopefully he will treat you right but from here on, this is not my deal.

I refuse to take the blame for someone else bullshit.

I will not be subjected to threats when this is an event that I had nothing to do with.

NO WHERE in this whole scenario did I receive any money so since I haven’t been paid ANYTHING I sure as shit aint about to take threats from a client, an agent or an artist when I have ZERO liability in the matter.


BUT for the sake of morality and justice…this post was created.

This is a way for others to be made aware of the bad bookings and stealing that is happening at Walt Reeder Entertainment.


*note: if at anytime the client needs me to testify on their behalf, I will be wherever necessary to do so.

Update: 11/9/2013

I sent thsi post to Walt Reeder Entertainment, the client and to the same email in reference to August. This is what I sent to all parties: 

Attached you will find a link
The blogpost is private right now but only those with the password can read it
the password is travis

you are being notified because you were either mentioned in the blog post or it was about you directly.
this is to put you all on notice that this post will go public on Monday morning at 8:00 11/11/2013
once it goes public, it will get retweeted at least 30,000 times on Monday to ensure that my name is cleared and those responsible are seen for the bad business people that they are.
I will retweet is 10,000 on Tuesday through Saturday, just for spite. <>

My sincerest apologies Travis.
I can be reached in the office on most days from 10-7 pm est 
Fletcher Batts (pissed off Social Media Consultant and Media Advisor)

After a few email exchanges I received the following: 

This is unacceptable. On August Alsina’s behalf let me apologize for any confusion. We had no knowledge of this date and never authorized any agent to collect funds on August’s behalf for this date. I will be forwarding this to his management team, NNTME (Noontime), to hopefully get to the bottom of this. Please advise on any updates regarding the return of your funds. 


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