How to be a Player in the Game of the Recording Industry Tip 01/07/2014 Jan07


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How to be a Player in the Game of the Recording Industry Tip 01/07/2014

React, Respond, Repeat!

Many of you are some ungrateful sumbitches.

Let me explain…

If you know someone is giving you a shout-out, it is your duty as an artist to at least REACT in some sort of way with a RESPONSE and REPEAT the process.

Some of you actually do it.

Some of you actually take the time to reply to every @ on Twitter, thank those who like your images on Instagram, and do some sort of social reaction on Facebook.

That is great, you are using social media to your advantage…these are the select few that actually “get it”.

But for the vast majority of you who see people playing your songs on internet radio or sharing your video via Twitter from Youtube or doing screen shots of your work on Instagram…you just ignore it.


BUT you will be the same one to shout and spam the shit out of all your friends on Facebook, “I’m on Worldstar”, when we all know you paid to get on the site.

Let me back up a little.

First off, if you are on a social media site, why is your shit private?

If your baby momma is that crazy then you have bigger issues that need to be addressed but do NOT let her or anyone else prevent you from fully capitalizing on capturing new fans.

Oh wait, you think that you are the greatest shit since sliced bread and that people are “looking at you for inspiration”

Bitch please, you aint shit. Even when you do become famous, you still aint shit. (moral: stay humble)

Fact is, we live in a reality tv age, people are nosy as hell and they want to see what you are doing. That’s fine. But since you know this, give them something to look at, like a teaser of your next CD cover, a preview of your video or maybe even actually give them some…!?

But if you have less than 3k followers and you trying to hid your status updates, who the hell are you hiding from? THE FEDS? At least you fresh as hell right?

So you would hold your new fans hostage for yours or someone else’s insecurities?

That is not fair to them OR your career.

Open up your profiles and start watching who is watching you.

Sometimes they share stuff.

Sometimes they share stuff with new people who then, in return, might like it and share it too. You just made a new fan.

And as you do this on a day to day basis you will begin to accumulate real organic people who like your stuff, these are called FANS.

But you can’t get them if you hiding behind your screening process or dodging the lookly-loos, let em watch. Voyeurs are in lol.

On the flipside, you will lose them just as fast as you acquired them if you do not interact with them in some way.

In reference to radio…

You ninjas get all hung up on trying to get on terrestrial radio (radio stations on a standard car radio=fm/am). FUCK THEM!

When and if you get on V103, they will NEVER tweet out, now playing MC Deez Nuts (ßthat’s me) on radio. But you will still listen all day and night on a “might” for them to throw you in the mix for 15 seconds and when they do, you will tweet 100 times and they still won’t Retweet, favorite or pay any attention to you.

On the flipside, these internet based radio stations will play you multiple times AND they will Facebook and Tweet “now playing….” and your ignant ass won’t even give them any attention? Lol I don’t get it.

Every chance you get, if someone adds a comment on a video, thank them.

If someone shares your stuff on Facebook, thank them.

If someone retweets you, favorite it and follow them back.

Or you could try something new and innovative and actually communicate WITH them. It could mean the difference between someone finding your music on a torrent site and downloading it illegally or someone playing, streaming, buying and circulating it all based on the love from a fan.

React, Respond, Repeat!, try it, you will be a better artist for doing so.

(s/n: if you add your Twitter @name in the title of your stuff, as they share it, you will get an @ notification)

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