How to be a Player in the Game of the Recording Industry Tip  01/08/2014 Jan08


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How to be a Player in the Game of the Recording Industry Tip 01/08/2014

Respect it!

I catch a lot of slack because when I give feedback I do not hold back my opinions. They come out with no filter. I do NOT believe in sugarcoating.

I don’t hold back because I feel like by the time you present material to the world (especially to me) it needs to be presented and treated as if it is the best work you have ever done.

That is not normally the case.

When I hear half ass projects…

Why is that horrible production…

Who wrote these ignant lyrics…

Do you understand what goes into a “presentations”? Most of you do not and I instantly get offended.

Why? Well fucktard, You just wasted my damn time.

Worst off, you wasted the graphic artist time, you wasted the producers time, you wasted your fans time, and even your time will never be returned to you because you didn’t give your all to the brand. This game is way too crowded as it is but to half ass on your presentation, you will only get lost in the shuffle.

So when I come back with “that shit sound like ass” don’t give me slack…Respect it!

It’s gotten so bad lately that I really expect to hear bullshit from EVERYONE!

But let’s say I am an asshole and I am saying something you don’t like…I challenge you to look past the words and hear exactly what I said and find some fault in WHAT I said instead of HOW I said it.

If I say, “that shit wack”, after you get out your feelings, how about you ask me…”why do you think it’s wack” at which time, you will hear the complete analysis on how and why versus you getting emotional after the initial reply. If I say, “this aint a good single”, stop me and ask…what makes a good single.

I challenge you to actually begin to LISTEN to the feedback you get instead of just hearing it.

I have said repeatedly, If I am the first person to tell you NO then your team is failing you because I will give you such a harsh critique that you will quit the game immediately.

As the old saying goes, don’t shoot the messenger, look at the message…

Besides, if you are too much into your feelings to where you can’t take constructive criticism then you should not be in this industry anyway because there are more haters than fans on the planet (that’s a topic for another day)

Good luck…

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