How to be a Player in the Game of the Recording Industry Tip  01/09/2014 Jan09


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How to be a Player in the Game of the Recording Industry Tip 01/09/2014

10 Days!
FACT: Ninjas are simple.
People have a 10 day attention span, look it up; its in the bible.
On day 11, they are on to the next, but from 1-10 they will be in the crack of your ass trying to smell what you had for breakfast.
WE live in a reality tv/social media era, people are nosy.
Now that you know this little fact, you need to put together a promotional calendar where you do something in the public eye every 10 days to please the lookie-loos.
It could be something as simple as leaking a CD cover, leaking a song on Reverbnation, previewing a song on Soundcloud or having a Twerk contest on Youtube (please tag me). I just gave you 4) ideas.
Whatever you plan, schedule it to happen like clockwork every 10 days.
You might think that this is a lot of work but if you planned out the entire year, it is only 36 events to schedule.
36 events.
You ninjas role 36 blunts in 3 days, you mean to tell me you can’t plan out 36 events for THE YEAR?!?
If you claim to be the shit and you have all of these adoring fans, then planning out 36 events should be simple.
Here are a few examples:
Open Video shoot
Leaked Photo shoot
Video preview
Video screening or casting call
Twerk contest
Slurp contest
Wet t-shirt contest
Send in pictures with your name somewhere on their body
Send in pictures of people saying “Deez Nuts” on cardboard

Some of these are realistic, some are a stretch but if you can be creative enough, you will capture more fans AS you continue the process.
You know fans…the ones that buy your shit, not the ones that you buy from me, lol.
You will appear structured because you will always have something going on.
You will appear popular because lip service will start and now the streets and/or the net is talking about you.
…All from one moment in time when you actually started a promotional campaign that would be 30 days but last the entire year.
Now don’t think I gave you the game because with each 36 day event, you still have to do the micro programming and plan each one out, budgetize it, itemize it, and even do some sort of analytic follow-up after you do the actual promotion.
It’s not as simple as it appears to be on Instagram where you just post a picture and millions of fans start humming on your nut-sack… no sir.
This takes proper planning, precise measurements and analytic data to even come close to seeing the light.
36 events | 10 day plan = a pathway to measureable marketing success

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